Avenue Q Bobby Lopez will write a song for you!

PlaywrightsH posted on Apr 21, 2010 at 08:58PM
Hey Q FANS! Heard about Tony Award-winning Composer-Lyricist Robert Lopez's newest work? It may be hush-hush, but our inside sources tell us the story revolves around a charming, intelligent, attractive individual who comes to the attention of a celebrated off-Broadway theater when he or she bids generously on said theater company’s auction. Wait…does that sound familiar? Well, it should. As part of Playwrights Horizons' annual online auction, Robert Lopez will write a song just for you! Let him transform your bad habits into harmony, melancholy into melody, and secret longings into showstoppers. Have you ever considered how you might look as a puppet? We smell sequel!



* The winner must submit 10 or more facts about themselves
* The song will be about the winner
* The final product will consist of a demo CD and sheet music signed by the composer
* The final product belongs to the composer and cannot be used without the consent of the composer
* Expires May 3, 2011

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