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posted by nelissa77
 new brawler
new brawler
Bakugan creator

Full name: Max Espinoza
Personality:Daredevil,risk taking,acts like Dan Kuso {a lot},and is trustworthy
Bakugan: Spiceionoid
How bakugan looks like:its a huge dragon red all over and has arancia, arancio outlines on my bakugan
Gender of bakugan:Female
Ability card: Flaming fires of terror
Bakugan is realy awesome if te get the hang of it. so anyone wheather boy o girl try bakugan its super kooolll!!!!!!
remember if u want u can try making your own bakugan brawler and your own bakugan its really fun to feel te are really part of the bakugan series
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posted by WonderFool
Now, write here your character's information.

Full Name Of The Character:
Personal Characteristic:
Bakugan's Name:
Bakugan's Appearance:
Bakugan's Abilities:


Full Name Of The Character: Ayleyda Laura Wilson.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has got middle-length arancia, arancio hair with green eyes. She has got a little bit freckles. She wears a blue giacca with black tight shorts. She also wears long black boots. She makes her hair in 'ponytail' model. But she leaves some hair on her face as a curl.
Age: 16
Personal Characteristic: She is so adventurer and brave. She is kind(can't challange Alice about it). But she believes that working alone is better.
Element: Darkus.
Bakugan's Name: Aquanoid.
Bakugan's Appearance: Looks like a dragon but it's blue and black. It's body is coloured black but his back is full of blue stripes.
Bakugan's Abilities: He can send dark lightnings.

Now, write your own, it's fun!
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