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AngelusB posted on Nov 14, 2009 at 12:32PM
I don’t know too much about anyone else around here, but as much as I love to watch Buffy and Angel’s onscreen chemistry, I also, really love to read about it…



definitely something of an enjoyment for those of you that actually wanted to see them together ‘After the fall’ and ‘before seasons 8, took swing’. Pure fiction.


a compilation of B/A stories, both short and long all fitted with interesting tales. My recommendation though is “A convenient marriage”. An enjoyable story, about our lovely couples toils. As I’m sure you’ll see once you get a taste of it.

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Through the years, the pain, the tears, the life lessons, the other lovers and everything in between, Angel and Buffy have been bound together. Now, it's two years since Wolfram & Hart fell and Angel is dead. Though she grieves for Angel, Buffy has grown. After all this, she feels like she's finally moving on and coming into her own. So what would a presence from the past do to her now?

Uncompleted but a definite must read.


I’ve only just started with this website but from the looks of things it’s completely dedicated to our loving couple, with many short stories, silly fics and otherwise.



Warning: NC17

One of the best Angel(us) stories, I’ve read in awhile. I’d hate to give too much away but it definitely has a lot of smutty, goodness and our demonic counterpart being his strategic self.

feel free to post and share, others you come across. I’ll add them to the list as I’ve read them.
 I don’t know too much about anyone else around here, but as much as I Amore to watch Buffy and Angel
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più di un anno fa AngelusB said…

Midnight Roses is an adult fiction archive. We're gathering together an amazing selection of B/A stories, written by some of your favorite authors, to bring you the very best of B/A. Our stories are written by adults, for adults, as many of our stories will have themes not suitable for the younger audience.

Our stories will make you laugh, and they will make you cry. There will be action, angst, love and passion. But above all - there will be hope. In spite of all the sites that are falling by the wayside, and all the people who are drifting away - we're going to prove that it's never over. Care to join us?
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più di un anno fa 0oSquirto0 said…
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OMG OMG OMG Thank you so much for posting these! I never much liked fan fiction as most of the ones I found are crappy and out of character. I just started reading Project Paranormal and can't stop! Thanks!
più di un anno fa AngelusB said…
Only a pleasure! I felt the same way but take the time to just mow over them. All these writers are pretty in tune with the characters -- you should totally take the time to scoop them out, very pleased however you're enjoying PP. I also-loved it! :D
più di un anno fa rabya_1 said…
i love bangel i think i never enjoy any on screen couple as much as bangel n can reads fan fic n novels based on them
più di un anno fa AngelusB said…
I know what you mean, I've loved b/a from the very beginning. It'll always be them for me in the BAVerse.
più di un anno fa CharmedFan4eva_ said…
i never read fanfiction, but i could give it a try <3 :D
più di un anno fa AngelusB said…
I'm pretty much addicted to fan fiction and would highly recommend it. You just gotta really search for the good stuff, some of which I linked up top. There are many others, if you get into it I can link to you.