Bangel Best Reasons to Ship Bangel [Round 2: VOTE!]

jamboni posted on Jan 14, 2011 at 12:26AM
Hi fellow Bangel fans! :)

So I've seen this in quite a few couples' spots and I thought the Bangel spot should have one.
The rules are simple, just submit a reason why you ship Bangel, any reason, starting with "Because". After around five reasons have been submitted, I'll create a pick to determine the winner. The winner will get props.

link jemgrl323: Because she will "always" be his girl

Round 2: Current Round
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più di un anno fa jamboni said…
Because he'll love her even if she's covered in slime.
più di un anno fa jemgrl323 said…
Because she will "always" be his girl.
più di un anno fa JulienBangel said…
Because they would sacrifice everything for each other, but will never let the other one make any sacrifice.
più di un anno fa dejadthisvu said…
As SMG said, "It's love in it's truest, most pure form."
Angel was her first love; they had the best chemistry out of all Buffy's boyfriends/lovers throughout the series. They are soulmates, Joss said so, and it's inevitable that they end up together; even though we never saw it. There are so many other reasons as well that I could go on forever, but I'll stop there.
più di un anno fa AngelusB said…
Because no matter what, they will always love each other and can't find happiness with anyone else.
più di un anno fa jamboni said…
This round is now closed! Here's this rounds link!
Great reasons everyone! :)
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più di un anno fa jamboni said…
Congratulations to jemgrl323 for winning the very first round!
Round 2 has now started!

Start submitting those reasons! :)
più di un anno fa jemgrl323 said…
Thanks :-)

Reason #2: Because Buffy loved Angel more than she will ever love anything in this life.
più di un anno fa snowwhitesilver said…
Because even as their relationship has been ravaged to pieces, by themselves, by evil forces, by other lovers, by time and location, they still know they will never be truly happy with anyone else! It's in the comics, and they deserve to finally be together!
più di un anno fa JulienBangel said…
Because they love each other..and nothing can change that not even death!
più di un anno fa CharmedFan4eva_ said…
b/c their love transends everything, love like that only comes along once in a life time, if your lucky.
più di un anno fa Slayerfest93 said…
Because Buffy felt his heartbeat.
più di un anno fa CharmedFan4eva_ said…
is the pick going up soon?
più di un anno fa pompeybabe said…
because their love is unlike any other
più di un anno fa jamboni said…
The pick is up! Vote link!