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Since the lyrics were changed very much on Italian, this is the translation ;)


I don't have balance anymore
I believe I'll fall
I'd like più talent
It's not my world, I know...

I feel the pressure
It comes into me
I've never thought
I could resist but...

I wanna try because
If everything depends on me
And at the end I'll do it

On the world I'll be
And under me I'll see everything
And the sky I'll touch
On the world I'll be
There where my dreams come to life
With the wings I'll fly
On the world I'll be
On the world I'll be...

Nothing can stop me
I'll do it
If even a...
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posted by VictoriaPearlin
Mariposa is a farfalla fairy of a magical fairy land named, Flutterfield. She already is the main person in her first movie - Barbie Mariposa ( Her farfalla Friends ). This time, she visits a land named Shimmervale, where she becomes fast friend with a Fairy Princess - Catania.
This time, she glows with a new attitude and her face looks fresher than the old face. Her hair is Silky Golden, eyes are brown, and has a smooth face complexion. At the start, she wears her original dress, but later for the ball, she wears a dark purple and rosa dress, with only one sleeve. Her wings are glitterized....
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posted by Sirea
I'd like to do a big Citazioni collection of all Barbie Film in this article.


1) te can post every quote te like from Barbie Film except
- Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
- Lyrics quotes
- Officaly Citazioni from ending credits.

2) te have to add the name of the character and movie.

3) It doesn't matter if te post your Citazioni in one post o in more.

4) Please post just original quotes. If te can't remember the quote exactly, te can post it too, but please leave a stella, star on it. This means: You're not sure if the quote is correct.

5) te can post a picture, if te like, but te don't have to.

6) Please look carefully if a post was already added.


"May the best surfer win."
(Merliah Summer, A Mermaid Tale)
posted by jenellenarvaez
1. (1987) - Barbie and the Rockers : Out of the World
2. (1987) - Barbie and the Sensations : Rockin' Back to Earth
3. (1992) - Dance! Workout with Barbie
4. (2001) - Barbie in the Nutcracker
5. (2002) - Barbie as Rapunzel
6. (2003) - Barbie of cigno Lake
7. (2004) - Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
8. (2005) - Barbie : Fairytopia
9. (2005) - Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
10. (2006) - The Barbie Diaries
11. (2006) - Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
12. (2007) - Barbie Fairytopia : Magic of the Rainbow
12. (2007) - Barbie as the Island Princess
13. (2008) - Barbie Mariposa
14. (2008) - Barbie...
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1. The Come d’incanto Forest
Reasons, why is this the most preferito of BM location?
"The Come d’incanto forest is just lovely." - link
"Enchanted Forest is the best place in Barbie Movies!" - link
"Enchanted Forest is way better than the other." - link

2. Parthenia
Reason, why is this the secondo most preferito of BM location?
"That place is just too amazing." - link

3. nube, nuvola Kingdom
Reason, why is this the third most preferito of BM locations?
"I like the nube, nuvola Kingdom better. Cool twirly stairs!" - link

4. The Diamond Castle

5. The Magic Meadow

6. Paris (3M)

7. Crystal Palace...
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Chapter 5

A short while later, after they had packed only the essentials into Lumina’s pearl purse, Kuda and Lumina set off through the sea.
“This has to be the right way,” Lumina said, examining her surroundings. They swam through a colorful coral reef, passing schools of tropical pesce and fields of anemones along the way. “I’ve seen Aunt Scylla head this way every time she goes to town.
Suddenly, Lumina stopped. Kuda bumped right into her. Oof! On the bacheca in front of them, red-orange fuoco coral rose as far as the eye could see.
“It’s a dead end,” Lumina stated.
“Darn,” Kuda...
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Yesterday I listened songs of Barbie's upcoming movie STARLIGHT ADVENTURE which is a story about a cosmic princess,played da barbie,
who live in a far away planet somewhere in space. She sets out on a journey to save the stars along with her new friends.
It's a fun-filled,adventurous movie which includes everything- friendship,fashion,hover boards,little bit of magic along with high-tech gadgets ,
magical creatures and a prince too!
I was waiting for it deliberately and I never thought I would fall in Amore with the song-SHOOTING STAR....
This song is used in the movie which is beautiful...as movie...
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 Princess Catania
Princess Catania
Princess Catania is the name of the Fairy Princess. She is the princess of Shimmervale, a kingdom in Fairytopia powered da crystals. Catania and Mariposa become Friends and save Shimmervale from Gwyllion, who wants to steal all the crystals in the kingdom.

Catania has light blue eyes and blond hair and pale skin. In the teaser trailer, Catania wears a long viola dress and a silver crown with square-shaped rosa gems. She also has a white and rosa long necklace. Her wings don't seem to be farfalla wings, and they're light blue, rosa and white.

Talayla is a crystal fairy from Shimmervale....
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posted by RavenVillanueva
Princess Charm School:

1. te Can Tell She's a Princess [9:40]
2. Welcome to Princess Charm School [7:03]
3. Meet the New Roomies [8:05]
4. Specialness Is Like Cake [4:58]
5. On superiore, in alto of the World [1:50]
6. The Royal Spa Treatment [7:51]
7. Palace Secrets Discovered [4:49]
8. An Alarming Accusation [5:27]
9. Gardania's Magical Crown [5:35]
10. Coronation giorno [6:24]
11. True Princess of Gardania [5:54]
12. Celebration [5:48]

A Mermaid Tale 2:

1. Good Morning Oceana [8:54]
2. A Seashell of Memories [3:56]
3. Destination: Australia [4:47]
4. The Ambassadors' Arrival [7:01]
5. A Very Fishy Proposal [7:45]
6. A Nightmare...
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Here's the third part of the article. Sorry for long delay! Scrivere needs mood. (-_-) I'll discuss about the spirited characters of Liana, Eden, Thumbelina, Corinne, and Merliah. Really, Barbie heroines get più spirited hereafter.

11. Liana

Strength: brave, caring, optimistic, clever, never gives up, contented

The two best Friends Liana and Alexa live happily together as fiore gardeners. Though having a hard life and little money, Liana doesn't complain. She smilingly prepares her "bread and jam" meal, and generously gives her share to the poor peddler. She always hopes for a better...
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Seeing the nice reception of the first part, I'm so uplifted to write the secondo part. I'm going to start and end this articolo with the fate Elina and Mariposa, with three princesses in between: Annika, Genevieve, and Rosella. Enjoy!

6. Elina

Strength: good-hearted, helpful, forgiving, brave, self-sacrificing, clever

The wingless fairy Elina is mocked and laughed at da her fellow winged fate every giorno of her life, and she helps them when they all have the flying sickness from Laverna! Elina is also very Ribelle - The Brave -- though she's never out of the Magic Meadow, she goes on adventure...
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For those who were disappointed to hear Kelly Sheridan replaced as the voice of Barbie da Diana Kaarina in "Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale", I have created a petition.

Mattel have already received so many complaints that they have detto they are 'possibly re-considering' their decision, and I hope this will give them a final push in the right direction.

So please take a moment to sign and inoltrare, avanti to anyone else who may be interested. Let's make history and get Kelly Sheridan reinstated in her rightful role! link
Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess - Be a friend Lyrics
Someone expected when i first met you
Didn't know what to think ... ah
We were so different
Not sure that you'd listen
Scared to share anything... Hey!
But then i found that te felt the same ... and that's when everything changed...

Sometimes when te need a friend
Need to be a friend
Gotta spin the whole picture around...Hey!
You need to share your life
Help someone learn to fly
Let the way te feel out
Let the magic began
Just be a friend

Na Na Na Na
Sometimes it takes te
A little più strength
Ha Ha
Flying into the wind we get together...
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I decided to rewatch all Barbie Film and write reviews for them. Obviously, I wanted to start with this one because it was the first Barbie movie I saw as a kid. Everything in review below is my opinion only and you're welcome to have a different one. I also wanted to say in advance, English is not my first language so I am sorry for any mistakes. Before I start the review of the movie, I wanted to say a few words about its original cover. I Amore it. I think it's very simple, but also very classic. Clara look extremaly beautiful on it. I remember when I saw it as a kid, I fall in love...
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Well te might be thinking which movie I’ll mention. It’ll be great disappointment to those who loves modern Barbie Film especially those who are obsessed with Princess Movies.

Princess and the Popstar Most Overrated Movie according to me

It got too much “popular” among kids and its craze wasn’t over till 3-4 months I remember the spot was full of PaP stuffs and it still is popolare among young minds. I wasn’t impressed da the movie though I remember after seeing the trailer I was impressed a bit and its plot sounded good but the movie was a great disappointment to me. The music...
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Quelles étaient nos chance
D'être là ce matin
Filles de mondes différents
Poursuivant leur destin
Voilà que sur nos lèvres
Naît le même rêve
Rien ne nous arrête
Rien ne peut nous résister
Le pouvoir de quatre
Rien ne peut le battre
Nul ne doit en douter
Dans cette aventure
Abattons tous les murs
Toutes pour une
Ensemble s'éclaire le chemin
Coeurs forts, coeurs droits
Toujours pour le bien on se bat
Nous ne serons jamais divisées
Toutes pour une
Une pour toutes
Nous jolies demoiselles
Le devoir nous appelle
Ne croyez pas à notre faiblesse
Nous avons une mission
En garde, touché, allons
Nous ne sommes pas
Jeunes filles en détresse
Attention au jupon
1. Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)
2. Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)
3. Barbie of the cigno Lake (2003)
4. Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)
5. Barbie Fairytopia (2005)
6.Barbie and the Magic of the Pegasus (2005)
7.Barbie Fairytopia: Mermadia (2006)
8. The Barbie Diaries (2006)
9. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
10.Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the arcobaleno (2007)
11. Barbie as the Island Princess (2007)
12. Barbie Mariposa (2008)
13. Barbie and the Diamond castello (2008)
14. Barbie in a Natale Carol (2008)
15. Barbie Presents Thumbelina (2009)
16. Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009)
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posted by Sirea
Where are the most Barbie Film fan from? Here te see it! If te would like to be shown on this list, just left a comment.


Lorinna (Born: Italy)

Lena_ t



3xZ (Born: USA)











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I just watched PCS in Polish the other day, and the only good thing about the movie was this song. So yeah, here's the translation from the Polish lyrics, if any of te are interested.
Some of the parts sound awkward to me, so if any of te have any suggestions to make these lyrics better, I'd very much appreciate it.

Where is my grace?
I stumble all the time
I doubt if I have talent
And if anyone here likes me

Don't know if I can stand this
How many times have I done this?
I have a strong desire to withdraw
I can run away while I still can

I believe freedom is a gift
The ember still burns in my heart...
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posted by Kendall244
Baron Von Ravendale: King Kristoff's trusted advisor. He secretly wants to take over the trono and creates a magic potion to do so.

Bruce: Baron Von Ravendale's frog sidekick

Corrine: Princess Kara's Cousin. She is jelous of Kara and dreams of being a princess, too.

Dark Sparkle: Corinnes alter ego and Super Sparkles biggest rival.

Gabby and Zoey: Princess Kara's energetic little sisters.

King Kristoff: Princess Kara's father, the king of Windemere

Madison and Makayla: Princess Kara's best friends. They're extremely smart twins who invent new gadgets for Princess Kara-and Super Sparkle

Newton and...
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