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posted by AWESOMNESS10
then bb felt something hit his head and everything went black. when he woke up he saw every ones faces but robins standing over him. he was laying in the hospital/metical/....lets say it was an infermory. but any way every one looked shocked. raven:did he wake up yet? cyborg:shhhhhhh he could still be in his ragefull stage. beast boy: MY RAGEFULL STAGE I WAS I MEAN HE WAS THE ONE-cyborg held out his laser hand. cyborg:lay down and be quiet. he did as cyborg said. bb:wheres robin? cyborg:im not going to let u hurt our leader. bb:HE FOUGHT ME!!!!cyborg:BECAUSE HE WAS DEFENDING HIMSELF!!!!bb:BUT...
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posted by CUTEDXC
it was a cold rainy giorno were we begin at the T tower

bb-(bb means beast boy)RAVEN !!!!
raven-ugh what i am training!!??
bb-get a bucked the house is leaking
raven-here god now leave me alone
bb-were is rick
bb-are kid gees what have u been missing
raven-shut up he is in his room playing video games
bb-he has school in a half an ora come on get him ready!!!
raven-no school today there will be a tornato
bb-what do u mean no come on :(
raven-just kidding he has the flu so he cant go to school so he is in his room ok
bb-o ok good
raven-now we have some time alone what do u want to do
bb-*messes around*
raven-what was that
bb-what was what
raven-i heard a crash
bb-go check on the kid
raven-*checks on kid*what did u do
kid-i had to poo sorry
raven-well u killed the toilet
posted by ravenfan247
okay i just made the first fan club site for raven. it is called "Ravens fan club". it doesn't seem to come up under searches, i'm working on that, until then just go to my profilo page and go thru there. I really need fan to unisciti to keep this site going, and i know te all like raven, so please join.
I'd also appreciate any kind of wallpaper o foto o video o anything that te think will make the site better. please, we all like raven... help me keep this going.

and now i'm just wasting spazio 'cause i need più freakin words...
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