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harold posted on Apr 15, 2011 at 05:44PM
I was just reminded of this issue a while back. Is it appropriate for the icon of the "Being a Man" club to be the picture of a woman? It's always struck me as weird; is it implying that, underneath that towel, the model is actually a man? Is there male plumbing under there?

What does "being a man" mean? The club description implies an aggressive approach to life, so why not have a picture of an obvious man, perhaps even Conan, to represent the club?

What do you think we should have as the icon for our club?

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più di un anno fa heisman7 said…
I agree, it should be a different picture. Unfortunatly only whoever made the club can change it.
più di un anno fa harold said…
Not at all; there is a long-standing, clearly defined process for requesting changes to banners and icons (described in several places, but link:

1. . You make the icon and/or banner.

2. You post it in the image section.

3. You start a message thread in the forum, for discussing the change. In that forum thread, you also point to #4 & #5, below.

4. You post a pick with an end date, asking users to vote to keep the original icon or to change to the new one.

5. You post a pick with an end date, asking users to vote to keep the original banner or to change to the new one.

Note: the end date should be long enough to allow for enough fans to respond, but not ongoing. 2-4 weeks is probably good.

6. If the users vote to make a change to the icon and/or banner, send a message to the staff (using the "contact us" feature) with:
a) the name of the club
b) the URL(s) of the completed picks, showing that users wanted the change
c) the URL of the new icon
d) the URL of the new banner

7) The staff makes the change.

So, with that in mind, shall we set a deadline for new icon creation (that is, time for people to create and post new icons before we start a pick)? How about...I dunno...two weeks?
più di un anno fa heisman7 said…
Im cool with that.
più di un anno fa Bond_Of_Fury said…
I personally like the icon. It shows what a man deep down wants most; a woman.