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Perennial Hollywood trade rag
Variety is reporting that Warner
Bros. has purchased the live-action
rights to Tite Kubo's Bleach manga
and has moved straight to work on
the adaptation, with Dan Mazeau of
the Wrath of the Titans remake
assigned to scriptwriting duties.
Peter Segal of the Get Smart remake
is still attached as a producer with
the possibility of being the director.
Other producers include Segal's
business partner Michael Ewing,
actor Masi Oka from the TV series
Heroes (he was Hiro Nakamura in the
series), and Jason Hoffs at Viz
Productions (a little-known
subsdiary of Viz Media centered on
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posted by OrihimeLuv
This is a Bleach/Soul Eater/Rayearth and Inuyasha crossover. This is based off of the question:
"What would happen if bleach Captains,Leutennats and espadas were teachers in a school.

here are the teachers:

Nnoitra Jiruga-History teacher
Kenpachi Zaraki- Guys Athletics teacher
Nelliel Tu Ordelshvark- Dance Teacher
Sosuke Aizen-ISS teacher
Gin Ichimaru-Math Teacher
Toshirou Hitsuguya-Math Teacher
Mayuri Kurostuchi-Science teacher
Jushiro Ukitake-Language arts teacher
Shunsui Kyoraku- Health teacher
Coyote Starrk- Choir Teacher
Byakya Kuchiki-Theatre arts
Nemu Kurostuchi-Receptionist
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here is another one of my funny bleach storys here te go

while ichigo was fighting grimjow, grimjow stabbed ichigo's hand to the ground. then rukia comes

rukia:ichigo what happened to your hands
ichigo:well i was fighting grimjaw and he stabbed me
grimjow:for the last time its grimjow not grimjaw

then shinji comes and rukia ask why he is here

rukia:shinji why are te here
shinji:because this manga says im in this chapter and its in my contract
rukia:then when do i fight
shinji: te fight in two più chapters
rukia:i cant wait that long im getting out of here

ichigo:no rukia if...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
It was very sunny that day. I'd just gotten back from the real world and I was heading to go home. There was a slight breeze and birds were happily chirping in trees. Walking along that dirt path made me feel at peace, made me feel... happy.
Suddenly, I heard a commotion up ahead. I walked slowly, kicking small stones along the way. A young boy came into view, running along the dirt path about twenty feet ahead of me. He was clutching a small brown sack and some coins. Anger and sadness clouded his face. One clear tear ran along his cheek. His spiked silver hair bounced on his head as he ran....
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one giorno rukia was in the exicution room waiting and thinking of the past then she started crying and yachiru walked in.

yachiru:hi orihime.......
rukia:yachiru what are te doing can't te see im haveing a moment
yachiru well, i wanted to play with orihime but shes not here so i'll play with you
rukia:no im in the execution room!

yachiru:thats o.k well play make up time!
rukia:no im already pretty i don't need make up
yachiru:sure te do every girl needs make up
rukia:no it causes acne

then yachiru put makup on rukia but made it all ugly

yachiru:ha ha ha te look like a clown
rukia:thats why i dont...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Skoop On Somebody
Composed by: Skoop On Somebody

Credit: link


Everybody Stand Up!
Minna tatakattenda!
Naishin wa fuan da demo
Keep Your Head Right Up! To tha Sky!

Donna toki mo (Oh Yeah!)
Doko ni itemo (Oh Yeah!)
Call me anytime! (Oh Yeah!)
Chikara ni naru yo

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Tafu na egao de
Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Ikite yuku no sa

Ki ni sunna My Brother!
Kimi rashikute iin da!
Nai tatte My Sister!
Mata waraeba iinda!

Shinkokyuu shite (Oh Yeah!)
Yorimichi shite (Oh Yeah!)
It’s All In Your Mind (Oh Yeah!)
Kaze ni fukarete

Happypeople’s In Tha House!!!
Rafu na yasashisa...
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posted by unohana
The Gotei 13 Reborn
What happened during those
missing 17 months!!?
Captain of the First Division –
Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
A softer Captain Commander
Commander of the entire Gotei 13.
Lost his arm due to a sacrificial
kido… But did he also change
Tite Interview
Q: What about Genryuusai’s left
Kubo: He only has his right arm now.
Q: Is that all that’s changed?
Kubo: I think Genryuusai wouldn’t
change much from his current state
if he trained. Wouldn’t it be
strange for someone who’s lived
for over two thousand years to
change over a period of 17 months?
However, he does...
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i haven't made these in a long time so they might not be that good and im not trying to make fun of bleach.

one giorno ichigo and renji were having a fight and byakuya was watching them

renji:byakuya can te at least help me
byakuya: no i can't help te i'll just stand and watch from distance
renji:some captian te are

ichigo: who are you? why are te here? what's your name?
renji:stop asking stupied questions

renji and ichigo countinued fighting but ichigo was to weak

renji:do te even know the name of your zanpouktoe (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
ichigo:no.... is it bob
renji:hahahaha no......
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again, im not trying to make fun of bleach but heres another one of my funny storys

rukia just explained to ichigo about hollows and the soul society. now shes giving her powers to him

ichigo:hurry up and give me the sword little girl
rukia:for te information this little girl has a name,and my name is rukia kuchiki.
ichigo:ya,ya,ya just stab me and give me the powers because the hollow is coming

then rukia stabs ichigo and all her powers go to him.

rukia:dang it! te took all my powers te were only supposed to take some now im useless. now i need soul reaper powers!
ichigo:well sorry, its not my fault

rukia: please donate your soul reaper powers to rukia kuchiki. and if te are helpful and kind please go online and type www.give me your soul reaper powers o else i'll kill please think about the children.

ichigo:rukia who are te talking to?
rukia:the audience te dumbo i need powers
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The moment I saw you, I felt safe.

Because you're the only one who treats me the way I am.

I felt your warmth, when the sunlight touches.

Our relationship gets closer as we be together.

But one will leave one some other day.

And then te left this world and left me alone.

I am sad because I killed you.

I killed te because to save myself.

I met a human who looks like you.

Orange hair and hot headed but kind and caring.

I trust the man and gave him my powers.

I was forced to go back because I break the law.

The man who I knew for two months, came to recue me.

Am I that worth it?

I am not worth to spill a...
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#22 Tentaisenkō
#31 Sanka Kashi
#43 Mippū Kōzan Tsudzuru
#44 Zenchi no Chikaku
#50 Reitamamono
#67 Reigiman
#81 Aiganchō Niwatori
#83 Chikyūenge
#84 Gosentetsukasanegi
#86 Damasumuro
#87 Tenkyū
#88 Hōbutsumenkū
#89 Rensakami
#90 Kurokakusui
#91 Rippō Dankū
#92 Jigen no Kiji Azarashi
#96 Sōkōsha Kiseichū no
#97 Hikkakeru Konsuterēshon
#98 Kigen ga Nekusasu
#104 Sendaichi Kabe
#120 Kenja no Eien Gōu

#47 Jōshō Chikyū
#50 Uwamuki Haishutsu
#57 Kokutsu Ninijizi
#58 Ōsutoraria Setsudan
#62 Garasu no Jūdan
#63 Ekusutoraiku
#67 Sabishī Fureareku
#67 Sūkōna Hahen
#72 Muro Hihō
#74 Moeru Yōna
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posted by DarkJules
Sternritter- D (The Demon)

Name: Damien Sterben

    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Black with the tips of his hair purple.
    Standard Quincy Outfit (but without sleeves).
    With Quincy mantello that covers his left side.
    Tattoos on both arms.
    Black Fingerless Gloves (Removes when going into battle.)
    Kanji for Hate written on the palm of his right hand & Black on his left.

Fighting Style:
    Not physically strong,...
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posted by Sasunaru120
te are a human with special powers, but te never knew it until the giorno Ishida saved you
from a Hollow. He offered te to help te to control your powers so te became best friends. Thats when Ichigo noticed you, he liked your way to handle things, how te looked, how te talked, simply he liked everything over you, but he would never admit it, because te were always hanging around with Ishida and he thought te were his girlfriend.
How te came together:
The campana, bell was ringing. Ichigo yawned tired, finally school was over! He packed his bag and stood up, then he saw te standing at the door....
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posted by tammav5
iv been told before im good at writeing poems so i wanted to write one about toshiro hitsuguya. hope te like it!!!i may just as well write for ever character but to start i want to use toshiro.yes its like a Amore poem. and in your commenti plz dont make fun of it unless your jokeing ok?! so with out further ado i present "a bleach poem"

My boy is toshiro
strong as a storm
sometimes short-temperd
but always so warm.
a cold additud to many
but also kind at heart
he shows off his skills when the battle gets hard.
ill mostra te my love
my devotion to you.
so teach me to care to fight for you
ill protect te forever
i Amore te so much
ill Amore te forever and ill never stop.
1. Unohana: Likes to run
ice cubes down the other
person’s body.
“I think she just enjoys
watching her partner
shudder, te know?”
2. Rose: Sex with music
“His own music, mostly.
Rose likes to get it on while
recorded Rose sings.
That’s not weird.”
3. Aizen: Like to be tied
“Which begs the question,
was all of Bleach weird
foreplay so that he could be
tied up in the super bondage
chair? Let’s hope not,
‘cause my life goal
wasn’t to be part of
Aizen’s sex game.”
4. Matsumoto: Strip
“She likes to make her
partner strip tease, I mean.
Matsumoto does enjoy a guy
who slowly takes...
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posted by Sasunaru120
pic of you:link

You were the new 3rd espada (yes I kicked out the old grandpa man,I don’t like him...haha) Anyway now you’re the 3rd. te and Halibel were in your room talking...she was your friend because she was the only girl in Espada besides you. „Ok,___ I have to go now,gotta train my fraccions...“ „Good idea,I should probably train too...where’s that baka Nnoitra?“ „I don’t know,probably harrasing someone“ te both laughed „Well I’ll go find him...see te later“ te both were walking the hallways after fighting Nnoitra. He was strong and cocky and...
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posted by rusty746454
Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:

Appearance / Description:
Wears the normal Death god outfit and over it he wears the 11th division robe. Zaraki has a funky hairdo he spikes his hair and at the tips he adds bells. Why does he do this? So his opponents can stand a better chance when they fight him. Hearing the bells according to him will make it easier to hear him coming, His eye patch as sated before eats his spirit force since his spirit force is so enormous that he cant control it.

A little about him: Ruthless, strong, fierce, and scary. Zaraki Kenpachi is the captain of the 11th division....
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posted by tammav5
this is when volta meets gin...she absoulutly refuses to talk to anyone except toshiro but something happens at the end. well hope te enjoy it....also please take 3 notes i own nothing but volta and volta is narrating and what she says is in parenthises.this is how she would desribe whats happaing.

The doors slowly opend and he walkd in.I lookd up and he lookd over to me.

Gin: i see the child is still here following captin hitsuguya around like the Lost cucciolo she is.

i dismissed what he detto and walkd over to toshiro.i wisperd something to him.

Gin: what did she say?

toshiro: she detto to shut up...
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we got to the soul society and saw a figure all in black.
"HEY!" princess sora yelld.
the figure took off running and we ran after him.
"is that who framed me?" i asked.
"yes it is and were gonna capture him and prove te innocent!" she yelled.
we chased him to a dead end.he turned but a shadow coverd his face so we couldnt see.
"i know te framed amezuki-chan!its time for te to come clean! tell us who te are!" sora-san demanded.
he steped out and we both gasped.
"yes your right,i did frame was the perfect cover.".
He smiled and kneeld down.
"go ahead,capture me i have no further business here." he said.
we walkd over to him and did as he said.
"Amezuki,do te realize what this means?your really innocent!",she cried
"i though te had no doubt i was innocent..."i said.
"uhhhhhh...lets go!!!"
and we left for the captins meeting going on