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Source: Me and Anthro lupo Maker
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Name: Lancelot Wolfe
Level: 80K
Position: Leader
Weapons: U~ōsōdo (War Sword)
Sensō burasutā (War Blaster)

Name: Galahad Wolfe
Level: 80K
Position: secondo in Command
Weapons: Sandāransu (Thunder Lance)

Name: Bedivere Wolfe
Level: 60K
Position: Tactician
Weapons: Parusumagunetto (Pulse Magnet)

Name: Bors Wolfe
Level: 60K
Position: Wizard
Weapon: Kōdo no ken (Cord Blood)
Hon o tsudzuru (Spell Book)

Name: Ector Wolfe
Level: 60K
Position: Berserker
Weapon: Jūkinzoku bureido (Heavy Metal Blade)

Name: Gareth Wolfe
Level: 60K
Position: Warrior
Weapon: Kyanon o hauringu (Howling Cannon)

Name: Sagramore Wolfe
Level: 60K
Position: Warrior
Weapon: U~inguseibā (Wing Saber)
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Kagirareta toki no naka de
どれだけのコトが 出来るのだろう・・・
Doredake no koto ga dekiru no darou...
言葉に ならないほどの 想いを
Kotoba ni naranai hodo no omoi wo
どれだけ アナタに 伝えられるのだろう・・・
Doredake anata ni tsutae rareru no darou...

ずっと 閉じ込めてた
Zutto toji kometeta
Mune no itami wo keshite kureta
今 私が笑えるのは
Ima watashi ga waraeru no wa
一緒に泣いてくれた キミがいたから
Issho ni naite kureta kimi ga itakara

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MMPR Movie


The power rangers return as they fight a new menace known as Ivan Ooze.

How does it hold up?

Effects: The effects are just terrible. The Zords, The Megazord, The villain, The Suits are just yuck, and the Tengu...>:(. 2/10

Plot: The plot is kind of recycled (i.e. the villain takes the powers and defeats the shows villain), but it's mostly shoved aside for effects. 5/10

Nostalgia: This movie was one of my preferiti as a kid...but not anymore...but it has a good nostalgic feeling to it! 8/10

Average: 5/10 So-So

Would I recommend it: Yes, but only for mostra fan and little kids.

successivo Review: Ultraman Tiga: Final Odyssey
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Fire Wolfe
Attacks: fuoco Hair Whip
Machine Gun Fireballs
Blaze Burst Kick

Burning Wolfe
Attacks: War Launching
Deadly Cool Rockets
Ripping Flame Roar

Pyro Wolfe
Attacks: Burner Rip Claw
Jumping Burn Punch
Firewheel Destroy


Electric Wolfe
Attacks: Thunder Bang Guns
Storm Rising Sparks
Lightning Shurikens

Thunder Wolfe
Attacks: Touch Thunder Destroy
Electric Jackhammer Punch
Arm Cutter Spark

Volt Wolfe
Attacks: Charge Jumping Claw
Strike Thunder Beam
Roaring Spark Blaster


Wind Wolfe
Attacks: Windmill Cutting Blade
Jumping Sky Kick
Mighty Gust Blast

Gale Wolfe
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Name: Noise Effect
Vehicle Mode: F-14 Tomcat
Partner: Optimus Prime

Name: Torque Gain
Vehicle Mode: AH-64 Apache copter
Partner: Bumblebee

Name: Heavytread
Vehicle Mode: M1 Abrams
Partner: Ironhide and Hound

Name: Buckshot
Vehicle Mode: Rosenbauer Oshkosh Striker 1500
Partner: Ratchet and Crosshairs

Name: Offshoot
Vehicle Mode: Sports Motorcycle
Partner: Jazz and Drift

Name: Makeshift
Vehicle Mode: Muscle Car
Partner: Sideswipe

Name: Snow Cat
Vehicle Mode: Snow Tiger
Partner: Arcee

Name: Skyglide
Vehicle Mode: A-10 Thunderbolt II
Partner: Jolt

Name: Radrouge
Vehicle Mode:...
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Episode 2: The Villain is her Father! Let's go to Atlantis!

*Maui, Hawaii*

Princess Mako: *Jumps into the water* Come on! We need to get to the palace!

Nick Wolfe: Henshin! *Becomes Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: Okay! *Gets into the water*

Kasey: *Turns into a Killer balena and gets in the water*

*Later, deep under the ocean*

Water Wolfe: So what should we look for?

Princess Mako: I'll tell the both of te when I find Atlantis *Stops*

Kasey: What is it?

Princess Mako: I see it!

Water Wolfe: *Looks around* I don't see anything...

Princess Mako: *Pulls out a blue key and inserts it into a rock*

*Suddenly, large...
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Chapter 8 : I won't let te hurt her!

As Nick's Father ran towards Kitsuna with his Red Demon Sword, Nick grabbed a metal pole and guarded Kitsuna.

"Get out of the way!" Nicks Father shouted as he put pressure on the pole, "Let me reach that filthy, dirty, ugly pest!".

"I won't let you!" Nick protested, "She is not a pest, she is a sweet person who happens to be my Girlfriend!"

"Nick, i have something to tell you" Kitsuna told Nick as her nine tails and volpe ears appeared and started crying, " I am a kitsune".

"I still Amore you!" Nick detto as he hugged her, "You are the kindest person i have met, i don't care if te are a Kitsune o a human, te are still beautiful on the inside!"

"Oh Nick..." Kitsuna blushed, grabbed Nick, and Kissed him!

"You Little Filthy Pest!" Nick's Father yelled as he jumped above them and pulled out his sword.
Vamola Macho!
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Gosei Red: Nick Roy (Dragon Header)

Gosei Blue: Cruz (Shark Header)

Gosei Yellow: Mina (Tiger Header)

Gosei Black: Sinna (Snake Header)

Gosei Pink: Rayne (Phoenix Header)

Gosei Green: Alyssa (Alligator Header)

Gosei Orange: Calla (Tortoise Header)

Gosei Brown: Jellcia (Bear Header)

Gosei Violet: Eclipse (Condor Header)

Gosei Crimsion: Sora (Falcon Header)

Gosei Indigo: Elana (Manta Header)

Gosei Beige: Snow (Rhino Header)

Gosei Cyan: Aqua (Dolphin Header)

Gosei Teal: Ichigo (Hammer Header)

Gosei Maroon: Ringo (Pecock Header)

Gosei Knight: Future Nick (Leo Knight Headers)

Archangel (Apocalypse)
Wolverine (Dr. Alias)
Gambit (Yellow Diamond)

Death Guard:

Archangel (Sebastian Shaw)
Sunfire (Sebastian Shaw)
Psylocke (Sebastian Shaw)
Thunderbird (Sebastian Shaw)


Havok (Apocalypse)
Psylocke (Dr. Alias)
Iceman (Yellow Diamond)

War Guard:

Wolverine (Black Queen)
Sunfire (Black Queen)
Cyclops (Black Queen)
Lady Deathstrike (Black Queen)


Sunfire (Apocalypse)
Banshee (Dr. Alias)
Rogue (Dr. Alias)


Polaris (Apocalypse)
Lady Deathstrike (Dr. Alias)
Thunderbird (Dr. Alias)
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“Bon, bon, bonjour! My name is Enter.
I must say, it is a pleasure to see te all once more.
Now, let the fiesta begin!”

We need more, we need more, we need more!
The Vagras need più Enetron!
I have been charged with Messiah’s return,
and it’s time I showed te just why!

I won’t have it, I won’t, I will not!
All this talk of heroism hurts to hear!
But once I transport in my Metaroids and Megazords
The Go-Busters will be crushed once and for all!

Creating a world of darkness would be tres bien for devils like us
So watch as your world wilts away, as the
Requiem for ma puces rings throughout...
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Source: Yugioh Card Maker and KaijuSamurai
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Source: Yugioh Card Maker and KaijuSamurai