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(Bell rings)

Mrs.Kean:Okay class now make sure to turn your assignment in da successivo week have a good day!

Bella:OMG Blossom I cant believe the school dance is in 1 giorno but the only problem is I need a date!
who are te taking?


Bella:Bubbles who are te taking?



Buttercup:NOT TELLING YOU!!!

Bella:Uggg!(her sisters leave the class room and she begins to pick up her books)

Douglas:Hi Bella!


Douglas:So What are te doing?

Bella:Trying to think.

Douglas:Well can I ask te something?

Bella:Douglas im busy!!!!

Douglas:But Bella- (Bella is already gone)

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posted by ScienceWolf
*Gems burning, I and Masondark fought Kenia with our magic*
Kenia: How are te two so powerful?!
Mason: We have a bond, te don't.
Me: What the....? *notices a ball of light, then everything goes white*
Mason: Kania? What's wrong?
Kenia: You'll pay for taking Kania away! *fires stone and I get hit, maybe getting injured in many places, and then being knocked out*
*I land unconscious on the leaves and Mason comes to me*
Mason: BABE!!!!! NOT te AGAIN!!!!! (it wasnt the first time it had happened to me)
Kenia: *fires stone and sends darkness with it*
Mason: *blocks darkness but dodges magic, picks me...
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Mason:Kania,please stay with me!!! Adinn claims that he knows te Amore him più than me!!! te Amore ME più right?!*KISS*
*All of a sudden,a big ball of energy forms around me and Mason and zaps Adinn with death beams,eye beams from my opened eyes,amd Mason shoots my Lightsaber beam*
*I stand up,my eyes charge up quick,Mason charges my weapon quick,and I start to form a ball made of pure energy*
Adinn(who is on the floor weak)
Me:You want to know what Im doing? Im killing you!!!*I zap the energy bomb...
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Mason is flying away with me unconscious in his arms who-knows-where.

Mason:Kania,please wake up! Please wake up!!
*Sees the blood poring down my face and knows I'm dying from blood loss*
Mason:Oh crap!!!*Flies non-stop trying to find a Hospital before I died in his arms and finilly puts me down in a field of erba trying to wake me up*
Mason:Kania,just wake up for me!!! Please don't die in front of me!!! If te die,I will defend te and keep te from Adinn!!!
Mason:Kania?! Please stay with me please!!!
Adinn:Just let Kania go Mason. She is better off with me and without you....
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Blossom:Good I don't want te to talk about it!
Dexter:okay anyways were have te been? with my cousins in Rome!
Dexter:funny I have some cousins in rome to weird!
Blossom:Well I better be going other wise the professor will kill me.
Baily:Hey Blossom can I sleep at your house tonight?
Blossom:I cant sneak te in Baily I already have my own problems of sneaking this girl Bella in.
Baily:(thinking)auntie Bella?hmmm...funny!
Dexter:You can sleep in the lab.
Baily:Puh-lease!last time I slept in your lab I had a headache and a back ache!
Dexter:Fine fine sheesh!
Baily:unfortunately it's...
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Blossom Narrator:It was a dark and stormy night and.I was up in my room Scrivere in my diary I closed it and then flipped through the pages to a random page I smiled to see a picture (badly drawn)that I drew of Dexter.It had several hearts around it I felt weird I had never felt this way before back when I used to data Brick he acted like he owned me.I could feel my cheeks getting redder until my window flew open.I walked over to close it and but when I walked up to the window I heard a loud crying noise.I closed my window and crawled back into my bed.The wind got louder as I hid my diary under...
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Dexter:Babe,would te like to come to my house to do a science project?
Blossom:Sure,ill be there! What time?
Blossom:Alright! And what day?
Dexter:On Sunday.
Blossom:Alright! See yo-
Brick:What do te think youre doing,dork?!
Blossom and Dexter:BRICK?!
Brick:Hey,babe! Want to unisciti me in a fighting combat test?
Dexter:Wait,"your" babe?!
Brick:Step away from my girlfriend,or i will beat te up so bad te couldnt do anything!!!
Blossom:Brick,hes just my friend!! Plea-
Brick:Your friend,huh?! I know she loves me più than te and wishes that she was with me instead of a dumb science genus.
(Brick grabbes Blossom and kicks Dexter,then drags Blossom away)
Blossom:LET ME GO!!!
Brick:Ohhhh,my girlfriend wanting me to let her go...come on babe. (KISS!)(And Blossom zones out)
Brick:Good girl babe. Now lets go home.
(Brick zaps Dexter and takes Blossom to his brothers and prison her) To be continued...
Hi,im sorry for being gone so long. Here is part 5 of my story!! In this part,I finily get a part in it,so have fun!!

3rd giorno of Megaville Elimentry for the Powerpuff Girls:Blossom,Bubbles,and Buttercup. They walk in to do classes,as normal. Now I come in and there is a secrit hidden that te must find about me!! Buttercup:Whats for today? Bubbles:I cant wait for the dance happening after school!!!! Blossom:......... I(Kpt)walk in and take my seat. Teacher:Ok class,Today we are looking at world history in Eptipt(sorry if thats spelled wrong!)at the clothes they wore and styiles they wore. Bubbles...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Bella:Of course I was worried we will be down there soon!

Douglas:okay bye Bella!

Bella:Okay Bloss we need to get to Paris France asap!

Blossom:Okay c,mon!
(they leave)


(Mandark enters)

Mandark:Now to torture te while your still alive!c,mon out Katie!

Katie:No!!!!(the vulcano doors open and Katie is wearing jeans)

Mandark:The jeans really suit te MORDECAI!!!!


(Katie looks at Dexi)

Dexi:He's gonna forget anyways!

Katie:Okay first of all lemme just say this is EVIL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!!!!......and secondo im from the future....

Douglas:wow weird....

Baily:Katie te just blew...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Baily (just so te know she's 15 in this)
Im not kidding when I say im a nobody the pain I feel is pulling me into pieces and frankly I have no idea who I am o who he is.did he start it o did I?Witch made everthing shift he detto he loved me and then he detto he never meant it!who am I talking about?Break who I keep calling da his real name Raphael that sweet name yesterday is today's Battle cry yesterday's laughter is today's cry and that almost baciare is now a slap in the face!he was just a lie everything was a lie I almost forgave him seeing how sweet he was about it but he detto it was a joke!I...
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Ok. At this time, Masonia and Jr are nearly teens. Masonia is very bad and mean, but she loves me, Dad, and her brother. Jr is beyond sweet, nice, kind, and he will even trade his stuff for things te need o want. He and Masonia are good kids, but Masonia likes the "rock punk club" stuff, and she will even wear clothes like that. Our newest child is a girl, named Kanson, my name and Mason's together. Kanson is almost 1 anno old, but still a baby. Masonia has a rock punk personality, Jr has a normal son personality, and Kanson has a demanding personality. Let's go to story...

*We are in the...
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Me:Haleynita,can I unisciti your pack with Samaria and Ashely? My boyfriend and I have bad personalities.
Haleynita:Hmmm,girls,should we?
Samaria:Kania is a awesome name,and Masondark is a awesome name as well,so yeah we should!
Ashely:I Amore the names as well,so I agree as well!
Haleynita:Now we have 5 members. Kania,get Masondark!
Me:Sure thing!*wisiles*
Mason:Yes Babe?
Me:Babe,we're part of the gummy pack!
Haleynita:Ok,now its a school day. Use your personalities!
*We get to the bus*
Katie:That tape is weird!
Baily:I know right?
Katie:Oh put it away! Gummy pack is here!
*puts it away*
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It was a thanksgiving giorno in the Thompson house....

Dexter:Okay everyone today is thanks giving and te grandparents are coming over!

Dylan:Not grandad utonium!!!!

Dexter:No my side.

Dylan:(sighs with relief)

Dexter:okay I've dato everyone jobs Donagan and Dee your on Decorations.

Dee:I will make it beautiful!!!

Dexter:Dylan te are gonna come with me and um work on something...Derek and Brainiac te are on the everyone get to work!!!!

Baily:Hey dad what about me?!

Dexter:I think I've learned it's best NOT to let te do stuff!


Dexter:You kinda have the tendency to explode...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Baley-Noooooo Dee don't touch that!
Dee-wait auntie deede taught me this its called the dance
Baley-The fanciful unicorn I know I know.
Dee-fine im going.
Baley-Oh whats the point every giorno te come in and wreck my laboratory.(covers mouth)gggggggrrrrr
Dee-Baley your
Baley-Don't say it.
Dee-Your accent.
Baley-I told te not to say it.
Down stairs......
Dexter-Blossom I finished are time tweaker!
Blossom-great now we can be in any time but who will test it.
Baley-Dad Dee wont stay out of my work space!
Blossom-work space?
Dexter-um yeah her um room.
Dexter-Why not Baley?
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I'm finally animating yay