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Where are all the Bones Fangirls?

This spot is so quiet that I can almost hear my hair growing up. (Okay, okay, I'm guilty as well. I haven't been on this spot lately, either).
Come on girls! I miss the times where we were all here partying like crazy! :)

 suu posted più di un anno fa
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Celina79 said:
OK, now I feel totally guilty! And what can I say for my absence, not a lot, I know...
I'm sorry for my absence.... Some people now that i'm still alive, so I promise to come back to the forum here. :) Susana, was that a lame answer?;)
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posted più di un anno fa 
I'm just glad some is here d; Sometimes it's only me and Cornelia d;
natulle posted più di un anno fa
Hi Natascha! Yes, i'm here, and i'm back for good. :D
Celina79 posted più di un anno fa
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