Does anyone have suggestions of (or links to) good scenes from Bones depicting laboratory science o ridiculously advanced technology?

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated, as I am putting together a montage of advanced forensic science from Bones.
 ForensicFan posted più di un anno fa
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alisonfaith297 said:
in the 1st season, i believe it the very first episode, where angela uses the angelator
there is also the episode (S1E09) where angela uses the angelator to make a Natale albero ;D
then in the 6th season there is the episode where they make Bones out of a blue resin thing, and i think in the same episode hodgins uses a machine where it think cam commentato that it looks like a pop mais making machine and hodgins uses it to get a handprint.
and if i can remember the episode where it involves going into a giant pesce tank to look for bones, hodgins has a super fancy filter in that episode.
also pretty much any crazy solution bath taht the interns use to clean bones, i think would qualify ;D such as fisher using birra to clean Bones and many others. te could also include hodgins and zack's many crazy expirements :D
sorry that i cant give links for video o specific episode number/ titles for all. hope i helped :D
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posted più di un anno fa 
super helpful, thanks! :) I will segnala back what if I find any good clips and make a video out of them. Thanks again!! :D
ForensicFan posted più di un anno fa
no prob!
alisonfaith297 posted più di un anno fa
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