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posted by VampireGirl
Sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything. Anyways, I finally got an idea for a new Bones fan fiction (hence the title). Now, it may turn out completely terrible, and I am very sorry if it does. But hey, te never know unless te through it out there I guess, so here it is:

Where is she? She's late! She's never late. Never! Well, except for that one time when she slept with...Oh crap! She didn't even tell me she was seeing someone! Now what? My plans are completely ruined. She'll think I truly am a loser. And...
Booth's thoughts trailed off as he continued to think over the situation....
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“Bones the certificate appears in order.”
“Booth, never mind about that now. I just figured out what has killed at least four of the wives. We need to domanda the suspect again.”
“Bones are te sure.”
“Booth trust me remember I’m your wife now.” Bones detto with a smirk on her face. As soon as she detto it, she felt a strange feeling come over her. She could not describe it but it did feel good.
They both left the Jeffersonian and headed for the FBI office to interrogate the suspect one più time but Booth needed to stop at his apartment on the way.
“Booth why was it necessary...
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posted by Carbone
Booth was looking inoltrare, avanti to this week with his son, Parker. It was the first time in a long while that he will have him for più than just a few days. Rebecca had planned to be gone for a week and had asked him to take Parker for the whole week during the school’s spring break. Booth took this opportunity to plan a fishing trip with his son and to take along his grandfather, Hank. He was going to take his son where his grandfather had taken him fishing as a boy. He even had rented the cabina they used to go to on the lake.
He knew that Bones would be examining some ancient Bones this week...
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posted by Carbone
Chapter 3
As Angela headed to get Mr. Schneider, Brennan walked toward Booth and Hodgins. When she reached them she quickly told them to come upstairs to the rooms. Brennan was just opening the door when Angela appeared with Mr. Schneider. Once they were all in the room, Mr. Schneider started to explain why he had asked Brennan to come this weekend. Apparently he is under suspicion of murdering a former student whose body was just found buried on the grounds of the school. There is no direct proof of his guilt but he is under surveillance. The murder was over fifteen years fa and he was hoping...
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posted by Carbone
Chapter 3

The successivo morning as the daylight streamed into the bedroom Bones was lying successivo to Booth who was still asleep. She watched him and knew that she should have told him sooner her feelings but better late than never. She also knew that they should never have any più secrets between them and that she had to tell him she lied about the box auto, garage being locked.

Booth was starting to wake up and as he turned toward Bones, he saw that she was awake and looking at him with an agonized look on her face.
“Bones what is it?”
“Booth I have to tell te that I didn’t tell te the truth last night.”...
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posted by Carbone

Brennan was on the phone with the state department when Booth entered her office. As he parked himself on her divano she was finishing her conversation. “I understand the importance of this trip for the senators and congressman but I do have other important projects that I need to take care of. Yes I realize that it would be helpful to explain what is going on about the genocide and the mercenaries who are terrorizing the countryside. I will get back to te because I need to check my calendar regarding these dates.”
“Bones what was that about?”
“The state department wants...
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posted by Buffyfan92
Okay as a Norwegian I almost laughed myself to death last ep! It was soooo funny!
Okay first of i just want to say that they painted a very bad picture of Norway, we are not that lame, honestly!
And that woman who was supossed to talk norwegian sounded più like swedish:P
And seriously they say that our metal is dark, we are nothing compared Slipknot!! I mean they are, lets just say it, fricking crazy!
And we do have più murders than they said, I guess that isnt such a positive thing. I live in one of the smallest towns in the whole of Norway and we have had 5 murders in two months...and that is a lot for this town!
Anyways, this was really funny for me and so many other norwegian fans:D
The funniest part I think was when Bones tried to say "skalle". It was so wrong:P
posted by tvfan5
This is the schedule so far for the Bones season. The Schedule is, for the most part, kept up to data in the schedule tab at the superiore, in alto of this blog.

18 November 2010 6x07 - The Babe in the Bar

Hiatus Thanksgiving

02 December 2010 6x08 - The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

09 December 2010 6x09 - The Doctor in the Photo

HIATUS (5 weeks)

20 January 2011 6x10 - The Bullet In The Brain

27 January 2011 6x11 - The Body in the Bag

03 February 2011 6x12 The Sin in the Sisterhood

I had to make this longer, so it would post.

posted by boneslover96
Sorry i haven't writen for a while, schools been busy, but now i'm free! for 2 weeks atleast anyway. i hope you's like it! please comment.

Brennan shivered in the darkness that surrounded her. The past few days of torture had been like a living hell for her. The hench men had hurt her in any way possible. They chocked her, beat her, drown her, cut her with knives and left her to suffer the amaro cold. They had taken away her jacket, so all she was left with was a thin, summer camicia and her jeans, neither of which kept her the slightest bit warm. Since being here, she had Lost lots of blood...
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Booth knew it was going to one of those days. It had started out with a call from Sweets to come to his office for one of his sessions. Booth was not looking inoltrare, avanti to it, because he and Bones have not resolved the marriage problem and it is one mese today that they have been married.

Booth arrived late to Sweets office as usual and Bones was already sitting there waiting. She looked deep in thought and Sweets was looking at his watch as if to say ‘you are late’.
Booth sat down and waited for Sweets to say something.
Sweets: “I sense a change in your working relationship. Is there something...
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posted by VampireGirl
Okay, I'm like really bored so I'll make a new addition to my fanfic :)

Booth and Brennan walked out of the airport side-by-side, heads turning every direction in cerca for a cab. Finally, Booth spotted one off in the distance, just pulling up.
"Hey, Bones, there's one down there. I'll get it. te wait here." He detto as he started to jog down the sidewalk towards the bright yellow car. Brennan sighed. This would be a long trip, but hopefully not as long as the others. She felt as if they were closer now, as if they didn't get uncomfortable when they were together outside of work. Almost like...
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posted by ilurvedward
A/N: this couldn't have been accomplished without the help of....
chel1395,HuddyCrazy1331, ,Huddyadict12,
bainmoussant, and especially youngblood!!

i seriously Amore te guys!!

probably just a one shot btw

disclaimer- I DO NOT OWN Bones o HOUSE! TEAR


Bones straightened up off of her couch. Now was not the time to be dozing off; what was wrong with her? Usually during a case Dr. Temperance Brennan was all fits and bursts of productive energy, but not today. Today Brennan had to shove herself off her divano in order to look in the mirror. She gasped...
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This is an idea of mine what season six should be like ... Hope te like it :)

To Booth and Brennan this was just an usual day. However, it was just the opposite.

In the early morning, Brennan knocked on Booth's apartment door. After waiting a long time in front of them, Booth opened the door wearing only his underwear. He looked tired and cranky.
-You need Sweets to sign your blahblahblah... -That's only what Booth heard from her. After Booth got dressed he and Brennan went to Sweets office. And they caought Sweets and margherita in ... very awkward position. After they agreed that they will never...
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posted by TypicalSquint
 Bone and Booth
Bone and Booth
Ok so this is set after the Season Four Finale, so slight spoilers ahead. I'm not sure if this is a one shot o if I should write more. So your opinions are welcome, good and bad.

Chapter 1 – Who are you?

All te need is chance. A chance to seize the moment and embrace the one te love. They have that chance, a chance to evolve.

“Who are you?”


The secondo those words left his mouth, Brennan felt the earth stop moving, and the ground felt like it was rising up to meet her. Logically she knew that neither of these things could actually be occurring,...
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posted by boneslover96
I hope te guys Amore it. it's very first fan fic. these are the first four chapters. please coment!please, please please! Enjoy.

Missing Bones
Chapter 1

Booth looked up from his paper work to find his cell phone ringing. Picking it up, he looked to see who was calling.
“Great.” He muttered to himself, as he flipped it open, “Hey boss, what is it?”
“Ahh, Booth,” detto Cullen, “I have a case for you.”
“Okay,” he perked up a little, “Tell me where and when and I’ll go get Bones and...”
“No, Booth, a body was found on a ranch in Alberta, Canada. It’s a small town so the cops...
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posted by spinelli
Ok, now da the end of this articolo (or already at the beggining, because of the title) te might be calling me crazy.
But my theory is this:

What if Parker wasn't a ghost/hallucination?
I mean, at first I did really believe he was just a figment of Booth's mind, because of the drugs and stuff.
But we do see along the episode that Parker makes physical stuff (like getting an object that was deep in the water, like carrying the lantern, like opening the hatch!) - I mean seriously, what a hell of a good hallucination, that makes that kind of physical stuff.
At first I accepted all this, but when at...
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So this is the first ever fan fiction I have ever written! It’s only a short piece and there is più to follow but I’d Amore to hear your feedback on it!

(Picture the scene: Its Brennan and Booth’s wedding day. Both the guys and the girls are in separate rooms getting ready.)

The Boys Room:

Booth is alone in the room and is nervously fixing his bow tie for about the millionth time.
“Okay, so you’ve got this far. You’re doing good.” (He stares at himself in the mirror. He looks down at his bow tie and yet again undoes it) Why I am so nervous?” He thought to himself. “I Amore her....
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posted by livi_wells
Some interesting things about the season 3 final of Bones, Pain in the Heart:

There are five clocks on the bacheca in Booth's bathroom. They are all set at different times: 1:40, 2:10, 11:50, 10:05 and 8:35.

In earlier episodes it was stated that Gormogon only takes widows' sons as apprentices, yet Zack has both of his parents - they're alive and well in Michigan. Even though Zack worked in the Jeffersonian and had special access to Gormogon's vault, Gormogon still broke his own rule da making Zack his apprentice.

Goof: During Sweets' interview on TV, victims' bodies are shown - the secondo body...
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Actor DAVID BOREANAZ is offering to strip for an X-rated episode of his U.S. TV forensics drama Bones now that he and co-star EMILY DESCHANEL are together on the small screen.
The pair's characters, Booth and Brennan, have become innamorati and Boreanaz hopes to steam up the screen with their antics.

He tells the new issue of TV Guide, "I hate it when two people are going at it and they turn over and suddenly they’re covered up in blankets. I’m all in. I am not going to be wearing a sack.
"I’d want a little aggression, then we can rip each other’s clothes off... We could have a pie fight."

And Deschanel is più than happy to be dating her leading man: "We’ve already kissed... and we enjoyed it a little più than we’d like to admit."

Information sourced at

Short articolo but I thought everybody should know!

posted by VampireGirl
the season two quotes

The Titan on the Tracks [2.1]
Booth: What did te do?
Brennan: I read, walked on the beach, chilled...
Booth: te chilled? At Darfur? te chilled at Darfur?

Brennan: Do that lying thing...
Booth: Could te be più specific?

Brennan: What's with the siren, why are te driving like a maniac?

Zach Addy: You're saying Dude too much.

Brennan: Don't te have to read him his rights before te strangle him?

The Mother and Child in the baia [2.2]

Booth: It's amazing Bones, te can really be snotty sometimes.

Brennan: Does she think I'm new at this?

Cam: All I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Cam: The...
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