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Chlarkfan posted on Dec 09, 2007 at 10:37PM
My favortie line from bones is: "I dont know putting testicles on the outside didnt seem like such a good idea" Angela says that and its HILARIOUSE =)

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più di un anno fa Michellebob said…
This is also an Angela moment cant remember when she says it but i remember the words
"We make life out of chaos and hope"
più di un anno fa HannaK said…
I like the one 'use your oversized heads!'
più di un anno fa CrazieLady said…
i dont remember the exact words, but Zach once said something like "I don't think it's physically possible to simultaniously suck and blow."
più di un anno fa Michellebob said…
I just thought of another.
in the first season when they are all in the lab for xmas Dr. Goodman says that booth has a child.
zac replies "Be Kind. Rewind" cracks me up everytime i see it!
più di un anno fa kalik said…
I absolutely love Jack Hodgins quote: "I clicked on a pop-up and got caught in a pornado" =P
più di un anno fa ca9428 said…
the scene right after Booth & Zach got blown up by Epps (not word for word- but basically)...
Zach: "I'm alright. The doctor said that most of my injuries were from being thrown onto the ground very hard. (to Booth) Apparently you're very strong."
Bones: "Did you have to throw him so hard?"
Booth: "It was a bomb, I was trying to be heroic!"

It was just so funny when they said it!
più di un anno fa ca9428 said…
One more (01x22):

Booth to bad guy (regarding Bones): "You attack her and I'll drill you through the forehead"
Bad Guy: "How can I possibly attack her?"
Booth: "I'll decide what is and isn't an attack, like, say, a hiccup."
più di un anno fa pirateJESS said…
i have about 100000000 favourite quotes but these are 2 of my faves.

Booth: A decomposed corpse was found this morning at Arlington National Cemetery...
Brennan: Arlington National Cemetery is full of decomposed corpses. It's a cemetery.

Hodgins: Unidentified particulates, the two sweetest words I know.
Cam: I don't even want to think about your pillow talk with Angela.
più di un anno fa Heptephobiac said…
In The Knight In the Grid there's a part when Bones and Booth are trying to trick Gormogon by pretending to transfer the skeleton sculpture. It cracks me up so much that I just rewind it and watch it over and over! I know it's long, but I love it!

Bones: "I do this under extreme protest."
Booth: "The truck will be here any minute."
Bones: "Who knows about this?"
Booth: "Just you and me Bones, not even the driver knows what we're transporting."
Bones: "The MRI at Bethesdea will tell us if Gormogon hid anything in the bones."
Booth: "Like what?"
Bones: "I don't know! That's why we need the MRI at Bethesdea."
Booth: "Shhhh!"
Bones: "What?"
Booth: "You don't have to scream, I'm right here."
Bones: "Riiight. Okay."
Booth: "Are you done? We're kinda on a schedule."
Bones: "Yes. I'm done. Now we can load it on a truck and take it to Bethesdea!"
più di un anno fa AmyBee-TV said…
in the last episode of season 2 when they are discussing Hodgins propsal to Angela and Booth says: and he said...
Bones: would you like to marry me?
Booth: that's abot sudden Bones why don't you let me think about it?

and Bones gets in a fluster.. it's hillarious.
più di un anno fa Michellebob said…
I have yet another angela quote. She gets good lines! When Sully and Booth are having a "heated discussion" in season 2 she says:

"Testosterone spill in aisle 4"
più di un anno fa Heptephobiac said…
I love that testosterone quote! Angela does get great lines. My sister and I always crack up at these two lines in The episode The Man in the Wall:

Bones: "I love this music, it's so tribal."
Angela: "Don't say tribal, sweetie."

I don't know why, it's just funny to us.
più di un anno fa ca9428 said…
A therapy one:

Sweets: "Agent Booth, you've been trying to intimidate me ever since you stepped into this room, you've succeeded."
Bones: (in a bit of whisper to Booth) "Don't scare the boy."

I love Sweets!
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più di un anno fa Heptephobiac said…
I just thought of another one. It's in S1 The Boy in the Tree, Booth is trying to rush Bones off the phone because he doesn't want to talk about the case in front of the administrator...

Bones: "Are you drunk or something?"
più di un anno fa tvfan5 said…
Heptephobiac I AGREE WITH YOU!!! that is the funniest convo. i think they have..i can rewatch it over and over again..(then after in the truck)

Bones: He knew it was us because i was sitting in the front seat..
Booth: was because of your bad acting!
Bones: Back at the vault?? I was good..
Booth: No you were loud that's what they call OVERACTING
Bones: Well you shouldn't have shushed me..that's how he knew!

so funny..


The part where Bones is on the phone and she was like..

"Don't worry the murder charges won't stick..I'm healing up just fine.."

or sumthin like that..

but there are so many .. i could go on and on

più di un anno fa Heptephobiac said…
Yes! I agree with you too tvfan5! Here's another funny one from season two "The Woman in the Sand"

[Booth and Bones are undercover watching an illegal fight club]
Booth: "It's human cock-fighting."
Bones: "More like lesser surrogates engaged in battles on behalf of the elite lords who don't have the courage to fight themselves."
Booth: "Right, you know what?"
[clicks his fingers]
Booth: "Come back to me Roxie, huh?"
Bones: "Ooo, look at all the sweat!"
più di un anno fa Heptephobiac said…
Here's another. I know, I watch a lot of Bones. This is from the Pilot episode.

Booth: "What are you trying to do?"
Bones: "Blackmail you."
Booth: "Blackmail a federal agent."
Bones: "Yes."
Booth: "I don't like it."
Bones: "I'm fairly certain you're not supposed
Booth: "Fine. You're in."
più di un anno fa Aviola333 said…
Angela really does get some awesome to the female FBI agent who was flirting with Hodgins

"I'm Angela Montenegro. I do facial reconstructions...and him."

più di un anno fa Michellebob said…
In the voodoo episode in season 1

Booth: Voodoo. Whos going to believe that stuff?
Bones: Its a religion. No crazier than... well what are you?
Booth: Catholic!
Bones: They believe in the same saints you do, in prayer. What they call spells you call miracles. They have priests.
Booth: We dont make zombies
Bones: Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days.
(Booth turns and looks at her)
Booth: Jesus is not a zombie. I shouldnt have to tell you that

I love his face at the end of that. SHOCK
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più di un anno fa TriineA said…
Oh.. So many ;D

I love the Booth/Zack ones.

Both: This is Dr. Brennan and her assitent Jack, uh, something.
Zack: Zack .. Addy!

I don't know why, but it cracked me up (:
più di un anno fa Heptephobiac said…
Okay I have another one I love. It's from Season 2 The Man in the Cell (at least I think it is, it's one of the Epps ones):

Booth: "The last time Bones saw Epps, it got violent."
Cam: "You'll be there to protect her."
Booth: "Bones isn't the one that needs protecting, last time she broke his wrist."
Bones: "He touched me with his creepy serial killer hands."
Cam: "Right. Probably shouldn't take Dr. Brennan."

It just cracks me up!
più di un anno fa ceesau05 said…
Zack Addy: Krystal from accounting is after you, isn't she?

Dr. Jack Hodgins: Uh, like Alien after Predator.
più di un anno fa Seelones said…
My favourite lines, one is from Aliens in the Spaceship:
Bones: I knew you wouldn't give up(or something to that affect)

I think its Season3, episode 4 at couples therapy,
Booth speaking to sweets: "maybe you need a little night light to get to sleep" (i love his condescending tone)
più di un anno fa Heptephobiac said…
Bones: "Dancing phalanges!"
più di un anno fa DrowningMyFear said…
[Bones after kissing Booth]
Bones:It was like kissing my brother
Caroline:Well you sure must like your brother

Cracks me up everytime!
più di un anno fa ceesau05 said…
this one was when Booth was telling Bones about an embarrassing childhood story and in the story the kid Booth and his friends were bullying called them "a bunch of philistines".
Booth didn't know what that meant so he came up to the kid later on and said "I'm not Philistine, I'm Catholic." xD

più di un anno fa lizzybee81 said…
HAS to be on here "That's a lot'a heart Bones."

I so welled up!
più di un anno fa GCcutepoison said…
I still like this one:
Booth: "Reason to want a gun?"
Bones: "To shoot people"
haha so funny :)
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più di un anno fa VampireGirl said…
lol, ya.
più di un anno fa Evanescencefan said…
i love one Quote from Season 3 Episode 8 The Knight on the Grid:

Booth: look, Bones you are gonna, you know stay with a friend, Check into a hotel, right ?
Angela: She can stay with me.
Booth: Great.
Bones: thank you, no, why ?
Cam: mr kneecaps, has your home address.
Bones: i cant freak out everytime someone Googles me.
Booth: Cam, she goes no where alone .
Bones: Cam, dont listen to him.
Booth: Cam, who are you more afraid of ? me or her ?
Bones: Booth !
Cam: whoa, so this is what its like to be a kindergarden teacher.
più di un anno fa Trobe_106 said…
my favourite has got to be when bones gets her gun aka anti aircraft cannon lol

bones "its pretty big, bigger than your one anyway"
Booth" excuse me! its not the size, its how you use it!"
Bones "well i think size is important"
Angela" your right. this does sound like a persoanl conversation"

cracks me up
più di un anno fa heeeresjoyce said…
Here are two of my favorites:

[Hodgins and Zach are racing beetles]
Hodgins: You want in on the action Angela?
Angela: [sighs] No, thank you. I'm going to go have sex.

Zach: (excitedly) The Anthropology Journal is publishing our piece on the Coronals suture.
Brennan: Worthy interruption.
(Zach offers his fist to her, she looks confused)
Zach: You're supposed to bump my fist with yours.
Brennan: Why?
Zach: I'm told it's a widely acknowledged gesture of mutual success (Puts his fist down)
Angela: I love it when you two impersonate earthlings.
più di un anno fa TEMPEBREN said…
Sweets: How's that for fully grown-up vocab?-The Verdict in the story
più di un anno fa suu said…
Booth: Evolution is a long, long process. It takes hundreds of years.
Bones: Thousands.
Booth: Why do you have to always correct me?
Bones: To help you evolve.
più di un anno fa suu said…
Brennan: Why would a gang leader cooperate?
Booth: I'm gonna ask him really, really nicely, Bones.
Brennan: You know that book I'm reading about getting along with your co-workers? It says that sarcasm is never helpful. I can lend it to you if you want.
più di un anno fa BonesMad3 said…
Bones: I don't know what that means

Booth to Bones: Use your mutant powers, just talk people to death

Angela about Bones: She's got enough pent-up sexual energy to power a small mid-western town!

Temperance: (to Booth while he's driving) If you drive one more block I'm screaming "kidnap" out the window.

Angela: Can I, as the only normal person in this room, say? eww?

Goodman: Go polish a bone Mr. Addy

Booth: You expect me, a federal agent, to declare war on a United States senator based on your little holographic crystal ball?

Booth: I'll decide what is and isn't an attack, like, say, a hiccup.

Angela: We're about 100 miles from where Jesus lost his sandals.

Angela: He's cuter than a monkey with a puppy.
più di un anno fa BonesMad3 said…
Cam: Booth, if Dr. Brennan were to quit.
Booth: What?
Cam: If she were to leave the Jeffersonian.
Booth: Well the squints would flee this institution like the French army.
Cam: And you?
Booth: I do as I'm ordered.
Cam: No you don't Seeley.
Booth: Okay here we go. What's going on Camilla?
Cam: What if I fire her? What would you do?
Booth: I'm with Bones Cam. All the way. Don't doubt it for a second.
più di un anno fa BonesMad3 said…
Bones: The debris in the body suggest an explosion.
Booth: Yeah, and so that that giant hole in the wall there.

Booth: Oh, like a jar? Why can't we just say a jar?

Booth: "You're a smart ass, you know that?"
Brennan: "Objectively, I'd say I'm very smart, although it has nothing to do with my ass."

Brennan: That would mean that, to me, you are essentially a woman. Yeah, I can see that.

Brennan: Zack, place some garlic around the remains and chant the Mung ritual for preservation of souls.
Zack: Really?
Brennan: (chuckle of disbelief) This is going to be a long case

Booth: (Hallucinating) You know what? I never realized how pretty all this shiny stuff is.
Hodgins: That is so not fair

Zack: She has very nice, symmetrical buttocks

Brennan (to Booth): I want you to get federal on his ass!

TV Interviewer: So, Dr. Brennan, do you have any advice to budding writers? Brennan: Well, you need an idea and, well you need a writing utensil and something to write with, and the idea... Not quite sure which one should come first

(Hodgins and Angela talking about swings)

Hodgins: I miss that feeling.
Angela: Yeah, me too.
Brennan: I miss organic chemistry class.. those were good times..
Zack: I miss my first microscope
Booth: Yeah and I miss normal people!

Booth: I need you to be Dr. Brennan.
Zack: I don't know what that means.
(i thought he was taking the pi$$ at first :) )

Booth: (talking about Zack) Is he gonna make it?
Brennan: (talking about the corpse in front of them) No he's very dead.

Booth: Where did you get that gun?
Brennan: At the mall.
più di un anno fa BonesMad3 said…
Hodgins: Zach, when you talk that fast, human beings can't hear you...!!

Hodgins: How many times do you want me to poke Zack?
Brennan: Just once, but as hard as you can.
Zack: As hard as he can? Why don't I hit him as hard as I can?
Hodgins: Because you have arms like noodles, while I'm vigorous and burly.
(Hodgins hits him with the cane.)
Zack: That all you got, burly boy?
più di un anno fa ca9428 said…
Booth is trying to parallel park in London in an Austin...

Booth: this mirror is the size of a thumbnail.
Bones: what do you expect when you rent a car the size of your thumb!
più di un anno fa BonesMad3 said…
lol i love that quote ca. I also like that quote at the end of fire and ice, booth said he wasnt ever going to let her (brennan) fall. (DOES ANYONE HAVE AN EXACT QUOTE?)
And another one from that is when booth says nothings ever gonna change between us - still meaning their the centre.
più di un anno fa aahana86 said…
i have a couple of'em

Booth: Here we are, all of us. Basically alone, separate creatures, just circling each other. All searching for the slightest hint of a real connection. Some look in the wrong places, some they just give up hope because in their mind they're thinking "Oh, there's nobody out there for me." But all of us, we keep trying over and over again. Why? Because every once in awhile, every once in awhile, two people meet and there's that spark. And yes, Bones, he's handsome, and she's beautiful, and maybe that's all they see at first. But making love... making love... that's when two people become one.

Bones: It is scientifically impossible for two objects to occupy the same space.

Booth: Yeah, but what's important is we try. And when we do it right, we get close.

Bones: To what? Breaking the laws of physics?

Booth: Yeah, Bones - a miracle.

Bones Season 3 Episode 4: The Secret in the Soil

Hodgins: Hello my exotic princess!

Cam: What a charmingly inappropriate greeting Dr. Hodgins.

Zack: I think he was talking to the bug.

Cam: Well now I feel a bit...rejected.

Bones Season 3 Episode 12: The Baby in the Bought

Booth: He looks a little fussy there why don't you pick him up and give him a cuddle.

Brennan: Just because I have breasts doesn't mean I have magical powers over infants!

Bones Season 3 Episode 15: The Pain in the Heart

Sweets: You read comics and drink beer naked?

Booth: Wait a minute. Bones bursts into my bathroom, alright, and I'm weird for being naked?!

Bones: I miss chemistry class, those were good times

Zach: I miss my first microscope

Booth: I miss normal people, can we move on?
that was hilarious

Booth: Would you like me better as a woman?

Brennan: No, I would not. I'd be jealous that you might be prettier than I am.

Booth: I would be too. I'd be hot. Smokin' hot!

Bones: "I don't want to be a sexy scientist!"

Booth: "Bones, thats like me saying I'm not a sexy FBI agent. You can't change who you are!"

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più di un anno fa natulle said…
Hahahahaha there is so many hilarious ones ;D Like all the ones aahana86 said (;

But I also love think this is funny d;
Booth: Okay, but from now on he is always a she. She was a he when she died, so she deserves the respect due to... him... or her. Okay? Person!
Brennan: Okay, uh, I'm a genius and I'm confused.

A cute one is:
Booth: Suspenseful and chilling. Temperance Brennan leads the pack. Anthropology has never been more exciting.
Brennan: You memorized my reviews.
Booth: Angela can scan these and get them back on your computer.
Brennan: You know my reviews Booth but, do you read my books?
Booth: Every single word.
Brennan: You never said anything.
Booth: Well, I figure, you know, I’m all over your real world, why would you want me in your fantasy world too.

He remember her review ;D And that that every single word and fantasy thing he said was sweet too (;
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più di un anno fa lnlylostsoul said…
"You have a knight-in-shinning-FBI standard issue body armor who wants to save your life." --Angela to Brennen, in 'Two Bodies in The Lab'
più di un anno fa sdavey92 said…
"that's so random yo.. in the vernacular"- Brennan
più di un anno fa amanda_artis said…
@sdavey92, YES!! I've met exactly ONE other person who even liked that episode! I thought it was genius. My favorite quote from that episode was from Brennan, of course - "Eureka! A gathering of Guidos!"

There are SO many favorites but if I have to pick one it'd have to be from the Season 7 finale when Brennan said "I love you Booth. I don’t want you to think that Christine is the only reason we’re together." link