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posted by Carbone
Booth was looking inoltrare, avanti to this week with his son, Parker. It was the first time in a long while that he will have him for più than just a few days. Rebecca had planned to be gone for a week and had asked him to take Parker for the whole week during the school’s spring break. Booth took this opportunity to plan a fishing trip with his son and to take along his grandfather, Hank. He was going to take his son where his grandfather had taken him fishing as a boy. He even had rented the cabina they used to go to on the lake.
He knew that Bones would be examining some ancient Bones this week...
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posted by Carbone

Brennan was on the phone with the state department when Booth entered her office. As he parked himself on her divano she was finishing her conversation. “I understand the importance of this trip for the senators and congressman but I do have other important projects that I need to take care of. Yes I realize that it would be helpful to explain what is going on about the genocide and the mercenaries who are terrorizing the countryside. I will get back to te because I need to check my calendar regarding these dates.”
“Bones what was that about?”
“The state department wants...
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posted by boneslover96
I hope te guys Amore it. it's very first fan fic. these are the first four chapters. please coment!please, please please! Enjoy.

Missing Bones
Chapter 1

Booth looked up from his paper work to find his cell phone ringing. Picking it up, he looked to see who was calling.
“Great.” He muttered to himself, as he flipped it open, “Hey boss, what is it?”
“Ahh, Booth,” detto Cullen, “I have a case for you.”
“Okay,” he perked up a little, “Tell me where and when and I’ll go get Bones and...”
“No, Booth, a body was found on a ranch in Alberta, Canada. It’s a small town so the cops...
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posted by deedeedot
ciao guys, well i got più stories of B&B in my head but just few of them succesafully on the paper, o better detto in my comp. So heres the first one, hope te gonna like it. Sorry for errors, im not english!:) but i think te gonna understand it anyways...have a nice Leggere time!

Dr. Temperance Brennan was preparing some paper work when the phone rings.
„Hello Dr. Brennan, id like to inform te that concerning to these days i decided to extend your days off da successivo week,“ the voice of Brennans boss, Dr. Camile Saroyan sound flatly.
„Oh Cam, i want to work, i need it and...
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posted by CampRockLuver98
It was December 25 at the Jeffersonian. As usual, Temperance Brennan was looking at newly found remains. But then Booth pooped in, balancing 2 coffee cups in his left hand.
"Hey! Merry Natale Bones!" He then gave her a quick peck on the cheeck. She looked up, staring at him in confusion. "Eh... Merry Natale Booth." She took a quick sip of her coffe and looked at her paper work."Why the heck are te te are almost never like this!" Booth looked at her, took a sip of his coffee, and laughed."Well, for your imformation, there is going to be this FBI get-together type thing...
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