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Ever randomly burst into tears and not know why? Nothing sad has happened in the last 30 seconds! You're not even thinking about sad stuff! What is wrong with you?!

This has happened to me quite a few times lately. Most notably, while revisiting some preferito Film from my childhood. I pulled 'em out of the shed, dusted of the thin cardboard and clamshell VHS cases, and tried to remember how to work a VCR. (Stop picturing me in a rocking chair wearing a cardigan. And get off my lawn.) During several of these Film that I watched hundreds of times in the early '90s, something strange happened....
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Advance Readers' Copies -- one of the many benefits of working at a bookstore. For those who might not know what that phrase refers to though, it means I (and other booksellers) are invited, even encouraged, to read advance copies of libri before they are officially released to the public. In this world of thousands upon thousands of books, publishers often send out a free copy in hopes that a particularly enthusiastic recipient will personally promote the work to his o her customers, and thus increase sales exponentally.

Here are a few libri that I have read in galley form (another phrase...
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