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Source: boomer took this pic while i was tourturin her
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After Blossom beat-up Dexter she felt bad. Dexter was in his secret lab crying.But then he said: "I want Blossom! so bad!" cried Dexter."What am I going 2 do?" Then he had an idea!"I know!" Dexter yelled. "I am going to spread a rumor that Berserk&Brick Amore and slept with eachother!" he yelled."Or should I crush Brick like I did the last time?" He thought. "No I will go with the first one." detto Dexter. He told the whole world! It was on the news,too! Blossom herd,Then she went to Brick's house. Brick aswered the door."Brick! how could you?" Blossom said."What?" detto Brick."You Amore Berserk!"...
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Source: bleedman, i just put it together
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My most viewed video on YouTube.
baby brick
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Her two innamorati are fighting...
Brick-Blossom is mine!
Dexter-No! She's mine!
Blossom-I'll choose. Dexter!
Brick-What! You've got to be friggin' kidding!
Dexter-She made her choice, get over it!
Blossom-I'm not finished! I chose Dexter to get out of my life!
Brick-So te didn't chose Dexter. Right?
Blossom-I chose Brick because I loved him the first time I saw him and when he was rivied.
Dexter-I'll get te for this, Brick.
After that...
Buttercup-Almost done, Bubbles?
Bubbles-Yea. BTW where's Blossom?
Blossom-I'm here!
Buttercup-Are still hangin out with four-eyes?
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