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My Leytoner bestfriend and I are checking out my old scrapbook and we found this amazing piece of comparison between Amore and INFATUATION and we just thought that maybe we can use it here. So with her help, we write this article. She agreed to follow a Brucas and Jeyton perspective but also insert and defend Leyton once in a while. This will be extremely difficult but here we go:

LOVE develops slowly; INFATUATION develops rapidly

Season1: Lucas always harbored feelings for his half-brother's girlfriend Peyton because they have musical similarities and other introverted preferences. He wanted...
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Leyton supporters have claimed that Lucas was only hiding away from Peyton through Brooke.

Funny thing is, as a non-supporter, I can argue that it’s actually the other way around.
Consider season 2’s finale. That ending scene for Lucas and Brooke is a powerful revelation in Lucas part (and he doesn’t need anybody to bombard him about what his cuore wants)

Lucas: I wanna be with you, Brooke.
Brooke: What?
Lucas: I know we’re Friends but it’s just how I feel.
Brooke: But what about the Peyton stuff?
Lucas: I keep that stuff to remind myself how badly I screwed up things...with you; to remind...
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posted by BLlover2010
Well my family and I were sitting around the dining room tavolo and we were talkin and I randomly shouted out "OMG peyton is pregnant I cant believe it" at first they looked at me like I was crazy then I was like it's suppose to be brooke I want him to be with brooke! He just...has to be somehow. So basically my faith was out the window that was it for me. I explained how Mark has wanted LP since giorno freakin 1 and how the chad/sophia break up has ruined stuff for us. My dad claimed I was mixing reality with the mostra and if it's making me mad I don't need to watch it. Then my mom restored my...
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(Before I start I just want to inform everyone there is NO SAM. NO SAM and NO OWEN. This really is the perfect OTH! Heehee. Oh and things in paranthesees are the author’s side notes. Things in brackets are the actions of the characters but I’m sure te already figured that out :D:D).



(At their house... and yes they live together. AWW!)

[It’s Natale Eve and Brooke/Lucas are getting ready to head over to the Naley house to celebrate. Brooke is wearing a RED dress and Lucas is wearing a suit. Awww... true love.]

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posted by brattynemz
611 brought a lot of emotions out for us BL fans. I can't say I'm bullet proof just because I don't watch the mostra anymore. To tell te the truth, I'm just as hurt as te guys are. I don't even have to watch it and wait for my eyes to pop o for my breathing to just stop to realize the things the writers are doing to us. This past few weeks, hate crept inside me and slowly took the spot I have for my Amore for BL. I have been in a crossroads where a part of me wants for BL to get back yet with a mostra like this, another part doesn't. I refuse to be a part of a crappy show. Maybe I can watch it...
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posted by brattynemz
Lately I've been spreading più LP/Mark hate than BL love. Sorry for being like that, I know I have to be strong for us, for Brucas, but I can't brush off the feeling. Anyway, this articolo is nothing like the first two I've written. It is a reaction (rant, whatever te call it) to an OTH spot sondaggio [link.

I am surprised, what the hell has Leyton been through??? OMG I can't describe how I feel, I can't even find the right words to say. What has Leyton been through??? I mean, besides cheating and Peyton pining for Lucas, what else have they been through? What, Brooke and Lindsey?? Are people telling...
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posted by brattynemz
So I know we found many similarities and parallelisms between these two couple like:

- Total opposites, for starters.

- Didn't get together for the right reasons at first, but ended up falling in love. (Nathan only dated Haley to make Lucas mad, Lucas only dated Brooke b/c it was the easy way out)

- Haley/Lucas inspired a lot the changes we've seen in Nathan/Brooke

- Haley got a tattoo for Nathan, Lucas got a tattoo for Brooke

- Brooke was Haley's maid of honor, Lucas was Nathan's best man

- Brooke and Lucas are Naley's child's godparents

- BH wrote NL letters during the same summer.

- Haley didn't...
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ok so ive never done one of these before so bare with me =)

rite Brucas HAVE to be end game and heres why i think so.

Brooke in my opinion is the best characer in one albero collina i Amore everything about her. i hated her with chase because he constanly tried to change who she was he couldnt except who she was and didnt like her past what type of boyfriend is that and also she cant be end game with him hes an ass.
Lucas always loved her for who she was and never tried to change her she changed all be herself and lucas loved her for that in season one he got to know her and loved her for who he was...
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What about some fun guys?
This one is dedicated to everyone who still loves Brucas as well as hate pucas...
(it's historically accurate


In the Roman times, Pucas Hate was dominant and flaunted. People wore the Pucas Hate crest (two serpents intertwined against a vomit-coloured background). There was even Pucas Hate Day, also known as the Birthday of Joy and Happiness. But after the first Caesar was murdered, people became afraid to express their Pucas Hate openly. They soon came up with the term 'Leyton',...
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posted by brucaslove4eva1
Lucas Scott has been through many on and off relationships with Brooke and Peyton, and has never really made one decision about which one he truely loves.
Look at it this way. Every season Lucas changes his mind about which girl (Peyton o Brooke) he wants successivo to him when all his dreams come true, o who is the one that he is going to Amore forever...blah...blah.
And for a while now, in season 5, Lucas has been talking and talking about his Amore for Lindsey and how much he wants her back *after the wedding*.
And now I don't even know what t beleive with lucas because of all of his mind changes....
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posted by katie_07
Okay little rant here about a certain P.Sawyer (so called best friend of Brooke)and her disrespeect for the words friendship, loyalty and love., like seriously does she not know what these words mean!! But after rewatching the cabina episode in season three i am seriously so pissed and amazed (in a negative way) at Marks storytelling skills, watching the cucina Peyton/Lucas scene in the episode i seriously wanted to throw something at the tele like the cheek of Peyton is unbelievable. Well to remind te about the scene Lucas tells Peyton that she looks happy and she says that he does too, so...
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posted by RoXanne4Brucas
The legend of the Queen of hearts.

The legend of the Queen of hearts started from the first season,when Lucas and Brooke shared their first kiss.The red colour appeared in the hot scene wen Brooke’s tatoo was near her RED underwear.In the other words,their first fizical contact and the beginning of their relationship started under the influence of this color.
They both became più mature when Brooke thought that she was pregnant.The appearance of the RED color one the pregnancy test was a hard moment for them when they realized that life wasn’t that easy as it seemed.
From the beginning ,...
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posted by brucaslove4eva1
 her boyfriend...his pretty girl
her boyfriend...his pretty girl
After watching episode 5x15, that episode have many Brucas moments, i noticed chemistry in some feelings being there between brooke and Lucas.
The first time to notice it was when Lucas helped Brooke put Angie's sede, sedile in the car, and then right after suggesting to come with Brooke to Angie's open cuore surgery. *aw*
Then at almost the very end of the episode, Brooke goes to Lucas' house to settle down Angie. (She could have gone somewhere else u kno)
And then closer to the end of the episode, Brooke was about to leave Lucas' house to at least let him get any sleep at all. But Lucas says,"Stay,...
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Letters. Speeches. Selflessness. Red doors. Build-up. Eye sex. Pretty girl & Boyfriend. Broody & Cheery. Brooke Davis & Lucas Scott. They’re both going to change the world someday. Their hearts are the same, they both want a family and consider albero collina home. He does Amore her. She loves him and wants him to know it. She told him not to come to the airport and hospital/appointment .. yet he did anyway. Amore really doesn’t need words. He never meant to hurt her. He’d never let her go again. They miss(ed) each other. He’s the guy for her. He meant everything to her. He asked her to stay. Twice.

^ I mean that’s all gotta mean something, right?

& If te need to hear why I Amore them .. I can go on all night.

I got asked why I like Brucas so much da someone and postato this on tumblr. I thought te guys might like it!
 Mine ;)
Mine ;)
posted by bdavisrocks
Refuting some BL negativity :)

False Theory #1 = Season 1 Brucas were all fun and shallow:

Brooke: What I mean is..I do what I do, and I like what I like, and that's just who I am.
Lucas: I know, and that's what I love about you.
Brooke: Ok, but the Musica that te listen to and the libri that te read..I'm not into any of that stuff.
Lucas: And I never asked te to be, ok? te know, I kinda enjoy the fact that we're different.
Brooke: Ok. I'm sorry. It's just that, you're the first really great guy I've ever dated, and that really scares me because I never gave a rat's culo before, ok?...
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Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott will have something that LP never will and that's unconditional love. The first three seasons is what most BL fan focus on, so I wanted to write this articolo to draw some attention to the 'forgotten' season(s) and to the fact that even though Brooke and Lucas broke up, they never really let each other go.

I Amore te Lucas, and I probably always will.
- This is the moment. Brooke has realized that she could never make Lucas let her all the way in and that Amore just isn't enough.

Go! It's okay .. go!
- Brooke wants Lucas to be happy, even if that means it's with her...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
When I found out Hannah (Brucas4ever) was my secret santa I couldn't have been happier. She is truly an amazing fan and person. If te do not know this BLer te should, you'll never forget her. So Hannah, Merry Natale and a Happy New Year.


Painted faces all around
Dancing, spinning, falling down
Dazzling fakes are such a bore
A genuine smile sparkles more

So lift your chin
High and proud
Remember you're better
than half that crowd

You're honest and sweet
Loyal and true
The loudest and funniest
of our crew

te are you, mangos and all
A beautiful person for a beautiful soul
And though others may fail to see
We flove te always, at the BFG.
 and a red door wallpaper just for you. ily tigger
and a red door wallpaper just for you. ily tigger
I was hoping brooke would tell lucas o haley even nathan about her attack because after everything that peyton has put brooke thru i wouldnt even be able to look at her as a true friend anymore brooke has dato up SO much for peyton but what has she got in return? her "best friend" believing a ridiculous lie her "best friend" moving right on in with lucas (the guy brooke is in Amore with but peyton doesn't ever seem to see that there are feelings there still) not waiting to make sure brooke was okay peyton and brooke have been 'best friends' forever and peyton screwed her over BUT milli and...
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posted by mcewen_girl
Ok so here is a quote from Lucas in S6.It's from Lucas to Peyton
..I know it is selfish getting married like this no friends, no family, no rings...but i want to be selfish with has been way too long and life always seem to get in the way with us..

I know gag right but I was just wondering what te thought about this cause frankly I think it just sounds lame. I mean he says life keeps getting in the way but marriage doesn't solve problems and chances are there are just gonna be più once te get married.
Leyton is supposed to be this epic Amore like Naley right?????.....WRONG I mean if they were so epic and truly meant to be wouldn't they be able to get through all of life's struggle just like Naley has shouldn't their Amore be able to conquer all.I mean for true Amore life doesn't get in the way.People truly inlove face their battles head-on they don't step off to the sidelines until things calm down and then try to start over. I mean thats just the way I see it but te decide.
He made her love, fall in love, believe she is able to be loved. He Amore that she was independent, smart, caring and had the biggest heart. He saw for who she is, broke down her walls and brought out a person no one ever saw before. And like every relationship, the truth is he had a lot to learn, had a lot to understand, had a lot to give up, and we all know he was to late, to see what was right in front of him. To him I always thought that he thought he wasn't good enough for someone so un-perfect but so perfect, someone with a cuore likes hers.
And they weren't epic like a fairy-tail, or...
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