Brucas Caption Contest

monLOVEbrucas posted on Oct 23, 2009 at 09:22AM
I've been seeing this game on alot of other spots and since we have nothing better to do, i thought we should do the same!!

Sooo I'll post one picture onto the images and than everyone decides what is said.... It has to be BL related *der*

If we have a picture with the cast of OTH not only BL, somehow you will find a way to make it BL related :D

Anyways than we post a pick to see who done the best captions for the picture than they get the satisfication of knowing they won!!

The point is to make fun stuff on this spot and this will be fun :D

If you find picture's that will be good post them onto heree, so it can be the next one up, after the last one!!

P.S - The captions can be funny, broody, cheery and anti-P/LP just not anti-BL!

YAYAY-- go BLers!!
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più di un anno fa monLOVEbrucas said…

link is the first picture for the contest!! Have fun :D

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