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KyleGallnerd posted on Sep 20, 2010 at 11:10PM
Unfortunately we have different views on things except for the fact that we all love brucas. But anyways I know when ever I'm upset with something such as Sophia bushs latest comments, friends, missing good old oth, I like to go to the Internet and vent which I have been on the BL wall. Many others like to too and some people disagree with the comments. It's very important we stick together and I don't want stupid stuff like that getting in the way so the point of this forum is just a venting place to get all that out instead of the wall. This way not everyone has to look at this and get offended

Hopefully, it works or else I'll just vent to myself ;)


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più di un anno fa alwaysforever said…
big smile
Nice idea =) I know I'll need a place to vent eventually lol
più di un anno fa KyleGallnerd said…
I know right! I like going to my friends when I have things on my mind but sometimes they don't understand especially if it's an oth thing so it's nice coming online to talk to people who know how I feel
più di un anno fa ladybug70981 said…
this thread should be more active, there's so much to vent about when it comes to BL's ending
più di un anno fa Jessica4695 said…
"Life is too short, and I'm Italian. I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine ..." SOPHIA BUSH

and now she said that she's an vegetarian,she ALWAYS said in interviews that she couldn't live without meat and all that,b/c of her family and all and now she's trying to be an vegetarian , just because AUSTIN is one as well?

i mean i know its not such a big deal and all , but it just annoys me that she CHANGES everything about herself,just because of Austin.
più di un anno fa Broody_4_Cheery said…
omg we had a venting thread ages ago and it was hilarious, ppl really got it out
più di un anno fa ladybug70981 said…
bahaha. anti LP fan art ftfw
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 bahaha. anti LP fan art ftfw