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 7x10 - Bring On The Night
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This is a picspam featuring 15 of my favourite couples from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

15.Giles and Anya

14.Giles and Jenny

13.Angelus and Darla

12.Xander and Willow

11.Xander and Cordelia

10.Spike and Faith

9.Vampire Xander and Vampire Willow

8.Angelus and Buffy

7.Giles and Joyce

6.Willow and Tara

5.Spike and Buffy

4.Xander and Anya

3.Oz and Willow

2.Spike and Drusilla

1.Angel and Buffy
When I finished watching Season 7, I was realizing one thing. Spike & Angel have some things in common with Buffy in their relationship with her."For Example"


Ever since Buffy was in a relationship with Angel, it was about understanding each other. Angel pushing Buffy to understand her power as a slayer. Angel & Buffy was a one kind of a relationship on the show. It brought true Amore on the show, it was real until. Angel loss his soul with Buffy learning the moment of "True Happiness" with the Amore of his life "Buffy". After the battles with Angelus,Drusilla & Spike things were...
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