TransCanada Pipeline to be worst money-pit than Montreal's Olympic Stadium

Whenever something BIG is being built in your town o state.

te know what that is.
Just politicians and contractors
who had to be very very nice to each other.

The pipe is not really a way to sustain one industry.
The pipe itself - is - the industry.
You're the builders, lucky you. Got the jackpot.

you're an oil investor... poor chap.
The Boss will use it a little while, then leave it to rot.

Remember **Mirabel Airport** argh argh argh

In Quebec, with the macaroni mafia it happens all the time.

I saw a brand new shopping mall which never opened
being completely razed a few months later.
(Riviere-des-Prairies // "future highway denied")

+ Contractors get rich building it
+ Contractors get rich un-building it ........ pretty clever huh

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