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justingurl99 posted on Oct 05, 2011 at 05:10PM
I know that MOST of the people who will read this article will already know the Canadian Pledge, but i REALLY love it and I REALLY wanted to write it down. I hope this will help those who do not know the pledge:

"I promise to always be loyal
to Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth the second, and to Canada
That I will honor the flag
observe the laws of my country
and fulfill my duties as a Canadian Citizen
God being my helper"

:D <3 I <3 Canada! Who's with me?

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più di un anno fa lalaland123754 said…
Me too! :)
I never had to say it, though, because I am a born Canadian citizen!
più di un anno fa Canada24 said…
I was born Candian as well..

Never even heard of that.. Strange