Juan_Aguero posted on Dec 20, 2008 at 02:56AM
ok so 'all' CANADIANS know what a snow day is but for those of you that dont a snow day is when there is to much snow for the buses to get you to school!!!!!! (you can usually get driven to school though, unless they close that too!!)

well today was my first snow day...that i went to school, i've never went to school on a snow the umm my whole school life and i've went to the same school since jk and im now in gr 8. So at first we cleaned the stage from our christmas play, then went out for recess where my moehawk turned into a snowhawk in 15mins.!!! after that i helped our kindergartener teacher make crafts for the lil kids while my friends unloaded food drive stuff from a truck!!! haha. after that we ate lunch, then my friend, his sis, and his sis' friend stayed in the office and helped 'office help' which is 'be' the secretary while they go out for lunch. we played cards they gave me some amazing toffee!!! thx guys!! then they ditched me, our secretary went home so i became the secretary (that wasnt a good idea, put me incharge lol jks) then my dad picked me up from school!...oh and we got free chocolate milk!!!!!!!!!!

usully my bro and i will play in the snow build forts and well you Canadians know!!!!!!!

so now lets hear what you guy do on snow days (no bus days)? and how many snow days have you had lets keep count!!!

my school board, dufferin peel district school board 3 snowdays!!!...the first was on Dec. 1

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più di un anno fa Juan_Aguero said…
we had a snow day on april 6!!!!!!!!!!! haha that was weird
più di un anno fa green79 said…
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I've only ever had 2 snow days before...I guess where I live there isn't as much snow as in other parts of Canada.
I hope that we have a lot of snow this winter so that we have another snow day!
più di un anno fa Juan_Aguero said…
lmao wow i get so many snowdays!! two years ago we had more of a month was snowdays then there was school!! no joke, and i only live not to far from toronto!!
più di un anno fa pjoamazing1998 said…
sick i play hockey on snow days
più di un anno fa Juan_Aguero said…
not to manny snow days this year. or is it just me??
più di un anno fa My8thUsername said…
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It's a snow day for me today. There's so much snow we get to stay at home. :D We usually have one or two a year. Most of the time they don't make us go to school on snow days, though. We just stay at home all day. Even if the actual school is open, we still usually don't go because we live up a steep hill that always gets icy and it's to dangerous to drive. I've been on the computer all day.
più di un anno fa Juan_Aguero said…
Wow that's cool we had a snowday too!! And I'm hoping for another tomoro(y)
più di un anno fa HecateA said…
Last week I had one! Man I actually showed up! (no choice, don't judge me) We worked and wathched a French musical, translated from English. I died a little inside. Being bilingual, I cannot TAKE French traductions and this one was just plain painful! I'm trying to find an excuse to stop my parents from sending me, anybody have anything for me? I'm desperate! I have never had a real snowday!