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posted by FallenStar09
5 Reasons To Amore Castiel
By: FallenStar09

Reason One: The Eyes

What red-blooded woman didn’t swoon when she saw those pretty blue eyes of Castiel? Not one of te can tell me that te didn’t. Remember lying is a sin and if te lie our preferito Angel of Thurday will come punish you…on secondo thought lie girls like to the nearest priest!

Reason Two: The Voice

Move over Metatron the fan girls want a new voice of God. I nearly melted like an ice cream in the Sahara when I heard that deep, stoic voice. There’s nothing like asshole attitude in a very attractive meat-suit to turn me on.

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Castiel and Anna: To Be o Not To Be!?!?
By: FallenStar09

Castiel, the name alone conjures the image of intense cobalt blue eyes that shine with a vulnerable innocence, childish curiosity and a fierce strength. I, like many of the rabid Castiel fan girls, noticed the shifting gaze of Castiel when Anna kissed Dean. Not that I can blame her, come on I’m a fierce Misha Minion but even I have to admit that Dean is a very fulfilling piece of eye candy. Sam is no Quasimodo either!

But enough about the Winchesters, we can come back to them when I don’t have a point to make, those green eyed boys...
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