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 In the Shelter of Your Wings
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Misha Collins
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This Castiel fan art contains neonate, newborn, newborn infant, and newborn baby.

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“I called her a slut and told her I never wanted to see her again. Then I left the house. She followed me into the alley. I took a shorter way home. I had taken a cab, but I didn’t want to wait for another one. I wanted to get away from her as soon as possible. So, I took a shortcut via the alley and she followed me. She cried and tried to talk to me. I didn’t want to listen and got angry. She grabbed my arm and tried to stop me from walking away. I slapped her and she fell on the ground. I walked towards her and checked on her. She was awake and she was only hurt a little” Andy said....
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“Daphne? It’s time to let me go” Martin detto soft.
Daphne lifted her head and stared at him with wet and bloodshot eyes. “How? I can’t”
“It’s time for me to sposta on” Martin said. “I’ve been wandering around for too long. I’m done here. If I stay much longer, I could turn into a vengeful spirit”
Daphne shook her head. “I don’t believe that”
“You didn’t believe I would mostra up in the first place, either” Martin pointed out.
Daphne pulled her shoulders. “How do I let te go? Aren’t te supposed to walk into the light o something?”
Martin laughed. “Not exactly. te have to salt and burn my bones”
“So I need to go to the cemetery?” Daphne asked.
“No. That grave is empty” Martin detto bitter.
“Then where are your bones?” Daphne asked nervous.
“You’re standing on them” Martin answered.
“Gerard committed suicide last night” Zoey said. “I found him hanging in our bedroom”
Daphne covered her mouth. “Oh my God, that’s…awful” she said

Daphne threw her arms around Zoey and Zoey faked a few tears and sobs. She pushed Daphne away and detto she had to tell Alexia. She put her borsa on the dresser, knowing Daphne would see the letter and be too curious to leave it where it is.
And indeed, a minuto later, Daphne stormed outside, hysterically crying how everything was her fault.
Zoey walked back inside, trusting Daphne would need some time to calm down. She opened Daphne’s computer and connected a portable hard drive to it. The hard drive contained a fake video of Cas doing things with Alexia.
Zoey copied the video to Daphne’s files and then removed the hard drive. She closed the computer and called Alexia.
“Let’s go, Lex” she said. “We’re going to your grandparents”
Hearing room 2
Paul morgan was sitting at the scrivania, reception looking at Meg who shot provoking looks back.
“Meg Masters” he detto soft. “What were te doing in Mr. and Mrs. Allen’s house?”
“Looking for cookies” Meg answered with a smirk.
“You couldn’t go to the store?” Paul asked frowning.
“No, I’m kind of broke” Meg said. “I would have to steal them. Besides, I knew it would piss off Daphne and that’s basically why I did. Mrs. Allen doesn’t like me very much, te see”
Paul nodded. “That wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’ve been trying to get-forgive...
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