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posted by MISAforever
Relationship Stats
How they met:
Chase was already working for House when Cameron started her fellowship. They met through the job.

How long were they together:
In Season Two, Chase and Cameron had a one-night stand. Both stated that it should never happen again, but Chase implied that it probably would, saying that "when two people have sex, unless it sucks, if they can do it again, they're gonna do it again. And it didn't suck." Sure enough, Cameron came to Chase in Season Three and suggested that they start a no-strings-attached, Friends with benefits sexual relationship. Cameron claimed...
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posted by MISAforever
Cameron:How so te think House is doing
Foreman:Is that why you're here?
Foreman:No, it isn't. Even if house was messed up da kutner's suicide, it wouldn't matter. He already thinks life is nasty, brutish, and long. And misery helps his diagnostic skills. All of which te know. So, why you're here?
Cameron:Which answer would te believe?
Foreman:If te want Kutner's place, it's fine da me. I could use someone else with the stones to stand up to house. But you've gotta know it's gonna blow up your relationship with Chase.
Cameron:All I did was postpone a three-day trip.
Foreman:With Chase,...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
 Jessifer and Leuse
Jessifer and Leuse
This time i want to make something different.This time the narrator is Jennifer Morrison.


-Jennifer Morrison
-Jesse Spencer
-Louise Griffiths
-Amaury Nolasco

Didn 't know what to say . i don't scary from Louise , just simply ..
-Jesse I...I- he started looking at me strangely . I wondered what it .- Jesse?What doing?- suddenly my stomach hurt and i saw blood. I baia children. I could not resist. how could. my child. our child with Jesse. I started to cry. I prayed to God to stop. just not wanted to know other
-Jen! Relax. Everything...
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posted by MISAforever
Season 3
Chase: Happy Valentine's Day.
Cameron: A holiday that only applies to people who are already paired up. For everyone else it's Wednesday.
Chase: Wow. Thank te for that dash of cold water.
Cameron: Don't get me wrong. I still think true love's out there it's just very far away. Possibly in another galaxy. We may need to develop faster than light travel before we can make contact. So I'm thinking we should have sex
Chase: That makes sense.
Cameron: Despite the wisdom of pop songs. there's no point in putting our lives on hold 'til Amore comes along. We're both healthy and busy people. We work...
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posted by house_fann
I arrive to New Jersey at 10:00 am and i went straight to Princeton and when i got there i had a big surprise:

Cuddy: Welcome back!
Cuddy: (hugs cameron)
Cam: Thank you, im glad to see te again
Cuddy: Come with me there people that want to see you
Cam: Who? House and Chase, i dont think so
Cuddy: What are te talking about, Chase has been worried about te since te left
Cam: Didnt seem that yesterday
Cuddy: te met him yesterday?
Cam: Yes and..
Cuddy: I dont want to know is not on my business

Cuddy entered in House office and they were all there, including Chase

House: What te want Cuddy?
Cuddy: Look...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
So i just was how we can have Chameron.In hospital comes new specialist of something.Her name is Laura Marks.She will be @only for few episodes@season7.So she fall in Amore With Chase.But Chase likes her personality and see@her something like BFF(boys and girls can be BFF TOO!!!!!!!!!!!)One giorno when they are sitting her telephone is ringing and guess who is this!Of course Cameron.She is her friend from Cameron's past...or is her boss...or is her sisterO_______o..or Lauras patient is @Hospital where Cam's work because patient fell bad and give her doktors number(aka laura) and for...
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posted by MISAforever
As for whether of not Cameron and Chase will reunite, he certainly hopes so, and not just for his character’s sake. “We get along really well – we’re Friends –and it is sad to see her go, but she’s great and she’ll do other stuff and hopefully she’ll come back so we can have torturous relationships and make each other cry.”

This is so cute and adorable of him.. he is so sweet da saying this... i just hope this things will come true cause it would make me the happiest person on earth..xd

what do u guys think?
---Plain White T's - A lonely september
Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And te didn't mean to Amore me back, but I know te did

---Plain White T's - Come back to me
No, don't wanna let te go
Girl, te belong in my heart, in my arms, in my bed
Girl, quit messing with my head
Say that you're coming back to stay right here with me
If te come running back to me I'll be here waiting
Cause I still believe in a Amore worth saving
If te could see the sad look on my face
You'd be in your car...
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posted by tvluva49
Work was hard.
The boss was a jerk.
The cases bombard.
It became an irk.

When a light beholds.
Even though she was stoned.
Cameron was bold.
She had not known.

I was falling in love.
Head over heels.
Cameron was my *dove.
We knew the deal.

Just one night stands.
But I wanted more.
She didn’t want that to expand.
So my cuore tore.

I went into depression.
But I gave her a reminder.
She didn’t become my obsession.
To every Tuesday to be kinder.
And take me back.
Finally she agreed.
We became intact.
Our Amore was like a stampede.

I fired.
She quit.
We were both so tired.
Of the jerky doctor’s...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
I always dislike hameron ( i don 't know why )because it i began to imagine that Cameron loved chase and one days they will gather(It was in 2season).every giorno every ora I thinking about them(I am very crazy, right?).I thought it would pass no longer think about them but not passed, still thinking about them. I wanted to see Chase and cameron together (not watched episode 7 because I had to learn ).again in the summer thinking about they were my life. 3 season my request was done. cameron and Chase. I can ' t believe it. It was all a dream. I was very happy. but I not stopped to dream....
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posted by MISAforever
Cameron:I need to push back our getaway.
Chase:No, te don't. Found te a board, Prefect size to learn on.
Cameron:I'm just postponing. Oneal from Philly General wants me to get a patient in to see House.
Cameron:I owe him a favor, he's taken about a dozen of my referrals over the last year.
Chase:I meant so...that's five secondi to hand house the file 30 for him to domanda your real motives, a minuto for witty commenti comparing the length of your legs to thirteen's...plenty of time left over for the shore.
Cameron:I need to make sure he doesn't toss the file in the trash as soon as...
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posted by MISAforever
You could have gotten killed!
He wasn't gonna hurt me.
He Fired a gun in the hospital.
Come here.
{they hug}
Maybe successivo time don't yell out that warning.

How's it going?
Normal-looking nucleus.
How's it going with you? te worried me when joked about letting that man shoot Dibala
I wasn't joking.
You don't want to kill anyone, especially not your own patient.
It's only natural to feel...
No, it's completely unnatural. Only psychopaths can kill other people without having some sortof breakdown.
Not when it's justified,...
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posted by MISAforever
Taub:Does black tie optional really mean black tie? 'Cause I don't wanna rent...
Cameron:There's been a glitch with the wedding...And House will be interested
Taub:A glitch?
Cameron:Patient had his corpus callosum cut to correct a seizure issue.
Taub:A glitch?
Cameron:The seizures stopped after the surgery, but he's having trouble adjusting to a diviso, spalato brain.
Taub:A glitch?

Taub:I hear the sperm is very good today. I mean the salmon.
Chase:Go away
Taub:No other tables.
Chase:You'd let your wife keep another man's offspring on ice successivo to the Frozen peas just in case? That's what this is about. She's...
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I was wondering how are te today. I miss te but i have decided to follow what te detto to me the night we were lockdown. te remember? te told to sposta on and that´s what i will do from now on.

Still loving you, Chase

Everything started with this letter. A simple letter that Chase wrote to me after we separate, he wrote many letters, but he never sent one until this one. and how i know they exist, because he told me then and i read them but that is another story, not the one i want to tell right now.

It was Sunday when i got this and it cause me a lot of trouble, becaause i didnt find...
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posted by tvluva49
Cameron opened her door and stepped inside. After a long giorno of dress shopping, she was exhausted and needed a nice cup of tea. As Cameron took out a cup and began filling it up with hot water, she looked at the clock. It was 7:30 pm; Chase should get off his shift soon. Cameron smiled and put the tè bag in the cup.
    When the tè was ready, Cameron walked to her divano and sat down. She turned to TV on to the news and watched it, bored. She looked at the clock again; it was 7:45 pm. Where was Chase? Finally, she heard the familiar click of the lock and the door open....
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posted by MISAforever
Cameron: Negative for E. Coli and TB. Why is House taking it easy on Foreman?
Chase: He deserves a break.
Cameron: Yeah, House is all about giving breaks to people in need.
Chase: No on klebsiella. And it's Tuesday. It's got nothing to do with Foreman o House. It's just... It's the giorno I remind te I like you, and I want us to be together.
Cameron: Thank you. I'd forgotten.
Chase: No on brucella and both viral antibodies.
Cameron: You're really gonna do this every Tuesday?
Chase: te take the giorno off, I'll pick it up on Wednesday.

Chase: No markers for hepatic fibrosis. Nothing for MCADD.
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posted by MISAforever
Season 4
House: I could have te fired!
Chase: You've already had me fired.
House: Which proves that I can.
Chase: Were the men wrong?
House: No. That doesn't change the fact...
Chase: Why are te yelling at me?
House: Because performing tests for someone who is not a doctor in this hospital...
Chase: You're frustrated. If te want help, I'm here. If te just need to vent... leave a message.
Cameron: I like him better this way. You?

Season 5
Chase: We could try that new sushi place successivo to my house.
Cameron: Why don't we stay at my house tonight?
Chase: We always stay at mine.
Cameron: That's what I mean....
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posted by MISAforever

House:Why is the soon to be secondo prettiest Dr. Chase here?
Cameron:I'll take that as a congratulations.
Wilson:We're discussing a case.
Amber:Why did he close that file?
House:Wedding in two weeks? I'd say te were pregnant but I don't think Chase's body is mature enough to produce sperm.
Cameron:It's a small ceremony. Why wait?
Wilson:Nighty night
Amber:Drugs with no lecture? He wants te out.
House:Interesting case?
Cameron:Possible prostate cancer came into the ER.
Amber:Pencil cup.
House:Woha! No wonder his prostate is enlarged. It's full of billiards and cigars.
Cameron:Chase's best man...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
It was a warm evening. All couples had gone for a walk. Perhaps the only one was Robert Chase, who remained at home and watching sitcoms . He laughed and ate chips. From so much time he was eating giunca, spazzatura food. Yesterday he was at data . He want to the girl first call . For the last time he made the first step, he fall in love. And then it hurt a lot. But just now he was very happy.Today he was saved another life. Everything was normal in the neighborhood ... except the woman who stood at the window of the house of Robert. She approached the door of the house and knocked. Chase rose and suddenly the phone rang. He picked up the phone. He began to talk and simultaneously he goes to door. In the phone was the woman that he was had date.
-Oh, Hi Mary .- he opened the door-ALISON?
- Robert,You was told me that I will get back to te again and again..Uhm..I think that it's true
And she hug him.He jsut want to do the same

For chameron4ever;)
posted by Chameron-lvr
Allison Cameron stood in front of Princeton Plainsboro hospital, her brain wouldn't give her feet the message to move. it's been 6 years since she had set foot in this place, this horrible but wonderful place. the place where she got the job of her dreams, met the man of her dreams and was fired. where she watched him get down on one knee, asking her to be his forever, where she had been Allison Cameron-Chase and here she watched it unravel before her eyes.

she walks inside. and the first person she sees? her gruff and lonely mentor, Greg House. he sees her and smiles, limping toward her "Cameron,"...
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