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posted by ninjacupcake88
"You’re not weak. Your life is not defined da a letter grade, a dress size, your sexuality o anything else. te have every chance at happiness. te were not meant to suffer. te are loved. Never, ever give up."

Interviewer: "What's your favourite part of Chicago?"
Chris: "That Oprah used to live here,"

(About Struck da Lightning) "Everything's very twisted, including the author."

(About Struck da Lightning) "Therefore; no matter who reviews this movie, no matter what bad review it gets, Judy Bloom has stated she likes this movie so... your opinion is irrelevant.

"I'm tired of being discriminated...
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What you're about to read I didn't write (though I wish I had) but this is probably one of the most beautiful opinions on the Cory/Chris bromance I've ever had the pleasure of reading! This is so true to a "T" and exactly the reason I fell in Amore with this relationship in the first place. Keep in mind the fan who wrote it calls themselves "cha no aji" and they're a memeber of tumblr. This person also ships Cory and Chris & Finn and Kurt romantically, but after Leggere this I can't judge 'cause this person writes this opinion with honesty and maturity. Read after the jump:

It is hot as hell...
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