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posted by annabeth-crazed
i am not afraid of anything. well......1 thing. toilet flushes.
i have no idea what happened early in my childhood to have it happen. i mean, i'm not afraid of the dark, monsters, o anything. toilet flushes tramatize me.
my dad says i have been afraid of them since i was a baby. wierd, right? but the toilet......i will come running from the stall. ik. VERY VERY EMBARRESSING. i wish i was jk, but yeah. but i'm not the only wierdo. i know a girl who's afraid of washing machines. we're friends. Go Figure.
posted by PJhero02
To start things off in this club i'm going to share a few..interesting dreams i've had...

Dream Number One

So we were in this forest somewhere. Me and the Jonas brothers were building a albero house. (it was a pretty awesome albero house btw)It looked kinda like this albero house in my neighbors yard, but, seeing as u don't know what that looks like so watever. Then, OH NO! this one random family from my school shows up! turns out it's their property we're building on, so the Jonas brothers and i hop in their jeep and drive off!


Dream Number Two

I was being chased da eggs shaped like spiders while eating a arachide, arachidi burro and honey sandwich, panino on my deck. my dad came out in his accappatoio, vestaglia and started crushing them but they wouldn't die!!