Critical Analysis of Twilight Why I Think People Hate and Amore Twilight

booklover13 posted on Oct 03, 2010 at 04:09PM
This is just my opinion, so dont get mad at me for it!! Thanks!!

People hate twilight because of all the hype it gets. when someone (or a group of people) obsess over something, it takes away from it. when people say they don't like twilight, obsessive fans get all offended, but do they ever realize that THEY are the reason people are so against it?? if there werent team jacob wristbands and team edward tshirts everywhere, there would be less haters!! and people who have never read the book have NO room to talk when insulting it cuz THEYVE NEVER READ IT

People like twilight because edward and/or jacob are their dream guys. and instead of going out and finding their own edwards and jacobs, they bury their noses in books and are happy with that.

i personally have read all the twilight books. i do not think the storyline was poor and teh haracters undeveloped. it was a good plot, a good story, and a good read. i didnt want to read it at firt because of all the hype it was getting, but once i did read them, i enjoyed them. they were by no means my favorite books, but they were good.

again, this is my opinion, so please dont be hating on me, but id love to hear your own opinion, whether you agree with me or not! thanks!!

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più di un anno fa leeceylou said…
i totally agree with you
più di un anno fa bri-marie said…
Personally, my dislike of Twilight didn't stem from all the hype (I actually liked and then disliked it before it got all the attention). Admittedly, now I find the hype irritating, and it's doing nothing to warm me back to the series.

più di un anno fa Accaila said…
I agree. I read the twilight saga books,and I really didn't like it that much, I felt it was way to repetitive,but I didn't necessarily hate it

The two things that made me hate were 1.Everybody talking about non-stop and 2.People comparing it Harry Potter,I saw headlines saying that Stephanie Meyer was the new J.K Rowling...? I have read Harry Potter and Stephanie Meyers writing style is nothing like J.K. Rowling.

Since the movies haven't been out,A lot of the hype is dying down already, I suppose it will build up after the New Movie.
più di un anno fa joundml said…
They certainly aren't the best stuff out there. People like romance, but in so many ways, Meyer's underlying themes are questionable. She essentially hit on an untapped market and ran with it. It happens. But by no means does this make her a superior writer.
più di un anno fa penguin098 said…

I have NEVER EVER seen a "team Jacob" wrist-band and all that junk. I hate Twilight because it is a crappy love story about a girl who is emotionaly unstable and in love with a boy who is hard and cold like granite. It had little character development, little action, and no real "bad guy" Plus, no one dies!!! It would have been 10 times better if a Cullen (excluding Edward/Bella/Renensmee (cant spell it)) died. ANd another thing: DONT kill the bad guy in the first book. Hello? If James didn't die we could have had a full-blown war going on. Ten times better! BUt Meyer didn't do any of that and failed to keep my interest.

Note: I respect you opinion, this is just mine
più di un anno fa DracoLuver said…
I don't dislike it because of the hype, although that too is irritating. I dislike it because of the horrid messages it sends, the poor storyline, underdeveloped characters, and odd writing style.

più di un anno fa tomfeltonfan44 said…
What DracoLuver said. I agree with what you said until it came to the "a good story" part. Sorry, but I think it just sends the wrong message to teenage girls. "If your boyfriend leaves you, go jump off a cliff" Really?
penguin098, that is so true.