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posted by DefineDelicate

GIUSEPPE; What do te mean, you're not going back(to university)?
DAMON; I would have thought even te could understand such a simple sentence, father. Shall I repeat it in Latin for you?
GIUSEPPE; te are telling me that I... will have to face my Friends knowing my son is a... an idler?
DAMON; Apparently. If te can call those who cerbiatto, fawn on te in the hopes that te will lend them money your friends.

(mocking Stefan on the subject of Elena)
DAMON; I only did it because I wanted to be close to you. Brothers should be close.

(throwing a albero out of a forest in a wild display of...
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posted by merzycullen
Ok, I just wanted to do this because apperently people were confused with Damon and the fact that he has, in fact Changed.

Let’s start to say that I am an obvious Damon fan and if dato the choice I would have chosen Damon in a heartbeat even thought I Amore Stefan.

In first episode of the series, we are introduced to damon as a spychopathic serial killer with no remorse what-so-ever. We thought that was it of his story. We were sure that that was 100% him, because of the fact that Stefan was SUPER sure about this. Can’t blame us, most of the first season was Stefan’s Point of view.

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posted by darina25
Damon had a mother, a father, and has one brother, Stefan.

Damon's mother is deceased and unnamed in the books, and Stefan tells Elena that she passed away not long after giving birth to him, something he thinks Damon has always hated him for. He loved his mother very much.

Damon's father was Giuseppe, Conte di Salvatore. He and Damon had a contentious relationship in life, as Giuseppe felt that Damon was a ne'er-do-well who shirked his duties to the family, while Damon felt that his father was weak and let his other Friends take advantage of his generosity, and would much rather be off having...
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Damon was still lying on the divano when a shadow came over him and he opened his eyes difficult. “Elena?” he detto weak. Katherine shook her head. “It’s me” she said. She took his shoulder and helped him sit up. She took the glass of bourbon from the table. “You should drink something”
“Shouldn’t te tell me to drink blood?” Damon asked sarcastic.
“If te don’t want to it’s your business” Katherine detto and she held the glass in front of Damon. He wanted to take it out her hands, but she refused to gave it to him. “I’ll do it” she said. “Katherine? I’m not...
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Five days later.
Derek was rushing through the kitchen, setting the breakfast tavolo when slow footsteps were heard on the stairs. Derek raced to the stairs and tried to help Damon keep his balance. Damon tried to push him away, but was too weak.
“I made breakfast” Derek said.
“Gee, thanks” Damon mumbled sarcastic. He shuffled to the cucina and fell down on a chair. He looked down at the tavolo and picked up the blood bag. “This is breakfast?” he asked Derek.
“You have to drink it, Damon” Derek insisted. “It’s been five days. te will die if te don’t”
Damon shrugged. “Then...
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posted by Damon_Rocks
1. Gorgeous
2. Dangerous
3. Sexy
4. Bad-ass
5. Dashing
6. Funny
7. Romantic
8. Sarcastic
9. Stunning
10. Wicked
11. Adorable
12. Seductive
13. Mysterious
14. Smirky
15. Kissable
16. Witty
17. Alluring
18. Biteable
19. Dependable
20. Smokin
21. Loveable
22. Sexy Eyes
23. Smart
24. Manipulative
25. Awesome
26. Fierce
27. Hot
28. Smooth
29. Irresistible
30. Wild
31. Sensuous
32. Fearless
33. Headstrong
34. Delicious
35. Mischievious
36. Compelling
37. Lover
38. Hero
39. Obsession
40. Snarky
posted by darina25
Damon's relationship with Bonnie is a love/hate situation for fans, with an approximately even diviso, spalato between people who would Amore to see them as a couple and people who cringe at the very idea (ratios vary depending on where te look, of course). Cues between Bonnie and Damon in the libri are certainly present, though it is possible to read Damon's interest in a multitude of ways - the mystery of Damon's intentions is always a popolare topic. Damon definitely seems to have an interest in Bonnie during the four original books, but it is vaguely-defined and open to speculation: is he interested...
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While Damon was getting ready to go to letto he heard a knock on his door. He looked up and saw Elena standing in the doorway. “Hey” he said. “What’s wrong?” Elena shrugged and shuffled with her feet. “Come in” Damon detto and he waved with his head. Elena accepted his offer and entered his room. She walked slowly to his bed. “I know it’s totally inappropriate, but I’m feeling uncomfortable in my bed, all alone… Can I sleep with you? Just sleep?” she kind of begged. Damon blinked and swallowed. “I don’t know, Elena” “Just sleeping, I promise” she said. Damon sighed....
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 Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Damon Salvatore , Coolest Vampire in Mystic Falls
Okay , so Damon . What makes him so amazing ?
It's not just his good looks , o his snarky little commenti . It's Damon himself .

Damon has a lot of bad qualities , but he makes up for it da being so caring and amazing . I'm not trying to force my opnion on anyone , but I think Damon is probably the coolest and most amusing character on the Vampire Diaries .
He has a dark , sarcastic , very vampire side which attracts me and a lonley , very human side too . In the first few episodes , Damon seemed very cold and detached and basically quite nasty . But now , now Katherine has butted her nose...
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Fair warring this articolo states FATCS that are REAL but people make excuse for it o simply deny it, this the real Stefan Salvatore so brace yourselves.

So from S1 until S3 the writers and the fan have portrayed/ seen Stefan as the “good” brother as the “saint” the selfless brother and all that crap. But if te really open your eyes for one secondo of this picture perfect te will see the truth. That Stefan from giorno one LIED and kept secrets, hides his past and made his brother out to be the “big bad wolf” and him as the scared little boy who has done nothing wrong.

But facts proves...
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posted by Tenkic

Damon most commonly wears his giacca for most of the show. He is pale with light blue eyes and brown hair. He is also commonly seen with a black camicia on. In the show, he is appearance wise around 25 years old.

Season 1

At the start of the season, his personality is pretty much the polar opposite of his brother, as he comes across as quite arrogant at times. He is detto to possess sociopathic tendencies, being absolutely charming one minuto and extremely dangerous the next, mostrare no remorse for the killings he has committed. He enjoys toying with people and causing grief...
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Elena, Jeremy and Ric were sitting at the cucina tavolo having dinner. Well, Jeremy was eating. Elena was stirring in her Cibo and Alaric was looking at her.
“If te wanted mashed potatoes te could’ve asked” he said. Elena looked up distracted. “What? No, it’s good. It’s really nice” she said.
“How would te know?” Alaric asked. “You didn’t eat yet”
“It looks really nice” Elena detto shrugging.
“If you’re not hungry, that’s fine” Alaric said. “You don’t have to eat. But if there’s something else, I want te to tell me”
Elena looked down at her plate,...
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“How is he?” Derek asked as soon as Damon and Elena entered the Boarding House.
“I’m right here” Damon said. He walked to the divano and sank down. Elena sat down successivo to him and looked at Derek. “Hey, could te go and get some blood”
“Yeah, sure” Derek nodded and he rushed to the basement.
“You feeling better?” Elena asked concerned, taking Damon’s hand.
“I’m fine” Damon detto short. “Why were te in the hospital?”
Elena looked away. Then she looked back. “Who told te that?”
“Who do te think?” Damon smirked. “He told me not to come, but I’m a little...
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posted by darina25
Damon has the ability to turn into a corvo o a wolf. He most frequently chooses his corvo form, and especially likes to use this form to spy on people.

Damon can control the weather, as he does da keeping it cloudy for much of his stay in Fell's Church, since cloudy weather is easier on sensitive vampire eyes. Damon can also manipulate fog both indoors and out, as he creates a fog in the school gym when first appearing to Elena.

Damon has the usual vampire mind manipulation Powers. He can subtly manipulate humans into doing his bidding and he can telepathically communicate with other vampires. Damon also has the equally standard enhanced strength, stamina, dexterity and heightened senses that all Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. have.
The door of the Boarding House went open, but Damon didn’t bother to go see who it was. He was washing up all glasses he had used to drink. He heard footsteps, soft, it was a female. But again he didn’t bother. He didn’t expect Elena to come back.
The glass in his hand shattered into little pieces. He felt how Bonnie came closer to him and she lay her hand on his shoulder. He shivered, but didn’t turn around.
“There’s glass in your hand” Bonnie noted. “Let me help you” She wanted to take his hand to pick out the fragments, but Damon pulled his hand away. “Okay,...
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This articolo is to every SE fan who says that Damon “stole” Elena from Stefan, this articolo will prove te wrong so prepare to face reality forthe first time TVD wise.

“I thought I can WIN her from te FAIR and SQUARE, she didn’t want me, it’s for the best, I’m better off being the bad guy anyway”-Damon 3X15 about Elena. Like Damon detto to Stefan he thought he can WIN not STEAL Elena from him, he though without playing games on Elena, to try to get her to like/love him più without acting/pretending like a “goody good boy” (like Stefan did) that he can WIN her over da just...
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posted by claudia_bb
Damon was born in the 15th century in Florence, Italy. It is assumed that he is the oldest son of Giuseppe di Salvatore, a Conte (count). Some years later (an exact number isn't provided), his brother Stefan was born. Damon and Stefan's mother fell ill and died a few years after that. Allegedly, he blames his little brother for her death and has never forgiven him (it seems likely, but the reader has only Stefan's suspicion that this is so, as Damon himself never suggests anything of the sort).

Damon was sent to a università as an adult but wasted all of his time there gambling, hawking, and...
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posted by Damon_Fan
Damon And Me Fanfic
Damon And Me
I laid down on my letto and closed my eyes, I heard some noise downstairs like someone had broken in, I crept down, my cuore rate increased with fear, I walked into the sitting room, noone was there, so I crept up the hallway, and looked into the kitchen, still nobody there, then i felt some heat on the back of my neck and steady breathing, I turned around quickly to find Damon Salvatore standing there, he locked me with an intense stare, he detto quietly “Hello Rachel, what are te doing up so late?”, I detto shakily “Just reading, I couldn’t sleep” , he...
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Damon is self-contained and reserved on the surface most of the time, only letting his emotions through when he's angry - usually at Stefan. He generally acts flippant and arrogant, and constantly plays word games, especially when it comes to dancing around an issue, and even più especially when that issue involves his true feelings on a serious subject.

Damon has an aristocratic, elegant demeanor, and a very pragmatic outlook on life. He believes that the vampire nature is inherently dark, and that Stefan's attempts to not feed on humans are therefore unnatural. He has no problem with killing...
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 Damon Salvadore as portrayed da Ian Somerhalder
Damon Salvadore as portrayed by Ian Somerhalder
Damon Salvatore

DESCRIPTION; Hair black with arcobaleno lights in it, like a crow's feathers, o 'like liquid, too soft and fine for human hair.' Eyes that are black, 'fathomless and full of strange lights' and which have a tendency to 'fill the universe.' He's middling-verging-on-short, and has 'dark beauty and grace and the sensuality that drew women to him like moths to a flame.' He tends to lounge in a way that should get him done for harassment but can take 'lithe stalking steps.' He usually wears all black, mirrored sunglasses and drives a black Ferrari with 'illegally tinted' windows. He...
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