David Duchovny Which DD Film have te seen, which do te own, what's your favourite?

lilith84 posted on Mar 12, 2010 at 04:53AM
I have seen probably all of them, as for my collection, I am still working on it... This is what I have so far...

Denial - DVD
Chaplin - DVD
Julia Has Two Lovers - DVD
Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead - Dvix
The Rapture - Dvix
Bethoveen - DVD
Red Shoe Diaries The Movie - DVD
Red Shoe Diaries Autoerotica - Dvix
Kalifornia - DVD
Playing God - DVD
Return To Me - DVD
Evolution - DVD
Zoolander - DVD
Full Frontal - DVD
Connie and Carla - DVD
Sex and The City(Boy Interrupted) - Dvix
Life with Bonnie (Weather or Not, Partly Sunny) - Dvix
House of D - DVD
Things We Lost In The Fire - DVD
The Secret - DVD
Trust The Man - DVD
The Tv Set - DVD
New Year's Day - DVD
Venice/Venice - DVD
Baby Snatcher - DVD
Saturday Night Live (Zagat's) - DVD
Californication s1 - DVD, s2 - DVD, s3 - Dvix
Close Encounters - Dvix
Space Above and Beyond - Dvix
Lone Gunmen - Dvix
Twin Peaks - Dvix
Bad Influence - Dvix
The Simpsons - The Springfield Files - DVD
The X Files, s1-9, Fight The Future, I Want To Believe - DVD

My favourite is probably The Secret at the moment, but I do love almost all of them (except New Year's Day, I watched it, and I almost fell asleep)
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più di un anno fa cicino1 said…
big smile
Ive Seen Him In Evolution ,XF 1-9, IWTB , FTF :D

But My Favourite Movie He Was In Wud Half To Be
XFiles:IWTB = BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!
più di un anno fa lilith84 said…
I told you before, you are lucky! I have seen IWTB probably more times than I can count, but I am not the biggest fan. I definitely prefer FTF when it comes to XF. As for other movies, if you like IWTB, you might like Return to Me. It's a sweet romantic comedy. The Secret is also good.
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più di un anno fa Sunshine47 said…
Off the top of my head these are the ones I own:

Return to Me
X-Files (all seasons)
The Red Shoe Diaries - collection
Don't Tell Mom the Babsysitter is Dead
The Lone Gunmen

All are DVD except Return To Me which is VHS.

My fave David movies are Evolution and Return to Me. But I also like Kalifornia because it stars both David and Brad Pitt :)
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più di un anno fa lilith84 said…
I'd kill for a DVD copy of Don't tell mom..... can't find it anywhere here...

Kalifornia is awesome, especially that one, particular scene ;)
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più di un anno fa Sunshine47 said…
I believe I got Don't tell mom on sale too from this store that went out of business about a year ago.

Ah yes that scene, I think I'm going to have to watch it again. It's been awhile since I've last seen it.
più di un anno fa lilith84 said…
check the fanart on this spot, you might find something you like :P

I recently bought Chaplin, but I haven't seen the whole movie yet, just DD scenes.
più di un anno fa Sunshine47 said…
I love the animation for Playing God!

You know I haven't seen Chaplin either and the other DD movie that I haven't seen except a few scenes is Trust The Man.
più di un anno fa cicino1 said…
Recently Order Cali S1 & Trust The Maan , & Evolution .
più di un anno fa lilith84 said…
yay! I just re-watched TTM last week... I sometimes forget how awesome that movie is :)
più di un anno fa cicino1 said…
big smile
I Cant Wait To Watch It :)