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Chapter#4: New Friends
Square Enix owns everything except Deanxra
Demyx: Oh, ciao Deanxra.
Deanxra: Wha- whats wrong?
She slams the door shut and sits successivo to him on his bed. She was prepared for him to scowl at her for leaving him alone. She did feel sorry for leaving him though...
But he didn't...
Demyx: Oh, nothing. I was just waiting for te to come back home in my room.
Deanxra: Here, I hope this will make up for leaving you.
Deanxra went through her pockets and took out at least 800 munny worth of snacks.
Demyx: Why did te get me this
Deanxra: Axel dared me to jump off the Clock Tower-
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Chapter 7 Part 1: Deanxra's Power Demonstration
Remember to give suggestions! I own Deanxra and Square Enix owns kingdom hearts and Organization 13. I used a quote from Kid Icarus: Uprising( I'll tell u which quote at the end) I do not own the Kid Icarus franchise. It belongs to Nintendo. NO Yaoi FANGIRLS ARE ALLOWED TO POST DISGUSTING SUGGESTIONS o PAIRINGS! If want to compliment o give me consigli on how to improve my fan fiction, then te are ALL welcome to do so.

After everyone finished their Cibo and the extra bacon, some of the members were curious to know what kind of powers Deanxra...
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Demyx sings us "Hello Seattle" da Owl City. Isn't he cute? AND ZEXY, WATCH WHERE te PUT YOUR KNIVES! Zexion: No, that's the fith fragola he's taken! Demyx: I-I just wanted a strawberry! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!
hello seattle
owl city
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Chapter#1 Part 2: Deanxra, The Princess of the arcobaleno Apocalypse
(i dont own Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, o The Legend of Zelda series)
Deanxra walked in the Round Room. She came in with her cappuccio on, and everyone except Xemnas scooted up to the edge of their seat. She then took off her hood, revealing short, bouncy below-jaw-length brown hair, big beautiful silver eyes, and peaches-and-cream complextion. Everyone was amazed at this young teen beauty that would help aid them on their goal to acheive Kingdom Hearts. Everyone gasp and looked surprised and shocked as if they saw a snow leopard walk...
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