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I guess mom was pretty proud of herself for making me write in that journal last year,because now she went and bought me another one.

but remeber how i detto that if some jerk caught me carrying a book whth "diary" on the cover they
were gonna get the wrong idea? well, that's exactly what happened today.

Now that rodrick knows i have another journal,i better remember to keep this one locked up.rodrick
actually got ahold of me LAST journal a few weeks
back,and it was a disaster. but don't even get
started on that story.

even whithout my rodrick problems,my summer was
pretty lousy

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Zachary Gordon talks with StarCam's Jennifer Tapiero at the Teen Choice Awards After Party about breaking his leg and bullying Steve Carell in "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" which also stars Jim Carrey and Olivia Wilde.
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