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One giorno There lived a monkey named Diddy kong."Diddy! Today we are going to go to Yoshi's house for a play data with Yoshi." detto Donkey Kong. "You mean I get to meet Yoshi?" detto Diddy kong. "Yes Son." detto Donkey Kong. Meanwhile at Yoshi's house, "I can't wait to play with Diddy Kong. I really want to mostra him my Room!" detto Yoshi. DING DONG! Diddy kong was here! "Hi! I'm Yoshi, what's Your name?" detto Yoshi "I'm Diddy Kong( Diddy for short)." detto Diddy Kong. "Come on in." detto Yoshi. "I want te to see my room Diddy." detto Yoshi. "Okay." detto Diddy kong. "Ta da!" detto Yoshi "Wow! Nice room...
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