How did Mater even write that letter to Lightning?

The thing is that on the part where Lightning was Leggere the letter from Mater I noticed that it was written IN PENCIL.I am just confused
 carsfan95 posted più di un anno fa
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Hubie_Manes said:
Remember when Luigi wiped away the windows on his job's store? He used wire arms that either came from his windshield o from the inside of his windows (in Cars 1) Well, all the cars have wire arms and three sets of fingers tucked away inside their windows for doing things (You can clearly see that in Time Travel Mater when Stanley put a new Radiator berretto, tappo on McQueen). Mater probably found a pencil somewhere in the Japanese Hotel room and used his left o right wire arm to write the letter! We now know how these cars can build buildings!
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posted più di un anno fa 
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