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posted by elsafan1010
Now this will be a story with Elsa and Rapunzel in it, enjoy it.


Sitting in her ice castle, Elsa realized she was tired of being alone. She missed Anna. She could perhaps read a book o take a nap. She was lying on her ice letto when there was a knock on the door. Elsa was worried at first. What if this is Hans?
But then she decided to open it because she was tired of being alone. When Elsa opened the door, a barefoot girl with short brown hair appeared in front of her. She was looking at Elsa with her big green eyes and studying her.
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posted by elsafan1010
Elsa took one last look at the preparations in the castle:
Ice figurines-okay
Ice Statue of Rapunzel-okay"

Elsa wanted everything to be perfect. After all, she had last seen Rapunzel in her ice palace. It had been a very long time. Anna ruled Arendell now.

"Do I look good?" ' Anna asked, putting her hair in a bun.

Elsa nodded her head yes. Anna looked perfect in the dress she wore to Elsa's coronation.

At the same time, the royal band began to play their drums and snare drums, indicating that Rapunzel had arrived. Elsa greeted Rapunzel and hugged her.
Rapunzel was dazzling. Instead...
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