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Dear Snow White,

Its only been a giorno o two of lonelyness. One più giorno and I get to hold te tight in my arms again. I miss te so much that I feel like I am dying in a way. Its the same as taking the air from the skies. I really can't do without it very long. I'm so used to it that Friday night, I caught myself getting ready to come pick te up and than I remembered. It hit me like a ton of bricks too. I finished putting on the camicia I was going to hose down with axe cologne because I know te like it so much and then I flopped down on my letto like I'd just been shot and remembered. When I drive, I put my hand in your sede, sedile and imagine that your there to hold it like te do. When I see a slug bug, I hit your sede, sedile imagineing that your there to flirt with. Sometimes when I turn a corner I catch myself going off the road because one arm is occupied being around your shoulders (the head rest), and and my wheels go straight when I take my hand off the steering wheel to shift. Maybe I'm selfish but I want te back here with me. te spoil me so much with your kisses that its an addiction. And this, I know has got to be worse than trying to quit smoking. Sorry I am being such a drag in the note. Anyway, the last note te wrote me really struck home. The way te talked about decorating our house and mentioned getting married made the sun brighter. I could never ask for più than your cuore in marriage. I'm so excited to get married and I almost the same excited for te to get back from Disneyland. I'll be missing you.

Amore Prince
After Leggere dimitri_'s wonderful articolo on this topic I felt inspired to make a lista like this. For some reason I've never felt much of a connection to the princes, I even like my seventh preferito princess più than my first preferito prince, but I still like them all so yeah :) I hope te all enjoy ^-^

11. Charming

I originally planned for Charming to be a bit higher, at least da a few spots, but after beginning to write this articolo I decided to change that. While I do like Charming, and don't hold it against him that he rolled his eyes (I mean come on, I would've done the same thing),...
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It's a nice video, sure the volume changes a lot, but I mean the video is still amazing
Musica video
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Here it is, the long awaited 5th episode of Disney housewives, hope you'll like it :)
(I did not carica this on YouTube!) Enjoy!!!! Credit: Disney.
La Bella e la Bestia
mrs. potts
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Just your average giorno in the village...
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jason mraz
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Congratulations to Mongoose09, our fan of the mese for July 2011! Here is the FOTM Interview with Mongoose09 that is way passed overdue haha, enjoy!

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be fan of the Month?
Have I gone back in time 2 years?! But yes, it's great! :D

2. Your preferito Princess and why?
Jasmine - I like her assertiveness. I find this an admirable trait. I like how self-assured she and how she stands up for her beliefs. I also like how she isn't prejudiced against street-rat Aladdin for his class and likes him for him.

3. Your least preferito Princess and why?
Ariel. I won't go too...
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*Resuming conversation... They look down and suddenly see... some giant fireball soaring up in the sky(Wait- can fireballs REALLY float?).*

Hella: Hurry te retards!

*The gang pull Rodney back up just in time. It zoomed up where everyone could see it and then ascemds farther up to the ceiling(Or to one of those doors/rooms)*

Rodney: *Pulls his pants back up* So, where do ya think it's heading?

Kids: *Shrug* How should we know?

Fairy G: Aw crap, here comes another fireball!

*This time multiple fireballs came zooming out and started flying everywhere*

Rodney: Okay, that is just creepy!

Fairy G: How is...
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    As the five princesses arrived at their new destination, Belle opened her eyes in shock. “I have never seen such a beautiful place.”
    Where they arrived at was a beautiful, heavily wooded area with no buildings at all. The area looked to be completely natural, and there were beautiful skies, swirling winds, and a gorgeous waterfall.
    “And what type of princess is supposed to be here?” gelsomino asked. “Let’s go investigate, shall we?”
    The others nodded in agreement. Cenerentola soon though,...
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1 = Snow White

Snow White isn't a bad character at all. She's sweet, kind, and was driven away from her home into the forest because of her stepmothers jealousy. After that she's sent to a deep sleep, and wakes up da a Prince's kiss. Why I dislike her? She doesn't really have personality. I know this was Disney's first movie and princess, but she's just not really enough for me. Throughout the movie, I was really drawn towards the dwarves and the Evil Queen than her. She has the every giorno sweet and cheeky girl personality. Plus, her looks to me, aren't much either. I know te shouldn't judge...
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This is my first video, that's why it sucks so bad. Sorry about the credits at the end lol, I didn't notice it was even there until after I postato this on youtube. Song is "Then" da Brad Paisley.
This is the Danish version of the song, really Amore the Danish male singer!
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child care


Stereotype: work-a-holic



Snow White is loving and an optimist at her core. She cares for everyone: animals, dwarfs, and those in distress (=old hag w/ the bad heart). And despite having lived in an abusive household and seemingly had no friends, she still remained positive.

She lives her life with a line from "With a Smile and a Song" song: "Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine". Because she wants to improve people's lives and make the world around her a better...
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