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Disney Princesses with their Princes
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posted by Swanpride
DISCLAIMER: This articolo solely consists of my opinions. I don’t think that it’s the only one which matters. I also don’t think that everyone has to agree. Just take it as a different perspective and feel free to share your perspective here. I don’t think that we’ll come to a consent about the matter I intend to address, but this might help all of us to understand where the other is coming from.

In the last week, there has been più than one discussion about the use of the pick page here. I try to summarize some of them up: There are too many countdowns, this o that pick is stupid,...
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 chericherry productions
chericherry productions
MY FIRST UNDATED LIST! My excuse would be I've finally saw TANGLED! So, all I'm adding is Rapunzel and I maybe will switch the order around. If te haven't seen Tangled, feel free to not read this articolo o try to skip the Rapunzel part, whether I spoil anything o not. ENJOY!


10.) Tiana

Yep. I just don't feel anything for her. She's hard working. Maybe I've spent too much time with the other princess Film (shrug). I've only watch The Princess and the Frog twice. Two times. That's it.

9. Mulan

I still feel the same for her. I found out I'm sort of like her, no surprise. I'm not...
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So I recently re-watched all the Film and completely changed my personal ranking of the prettiest princesses.

9. Snow White

The youngest of the princesses, it makes sense that Snow is extremely cute looking but not gorgeous. Her face is a little pudgy her eyes are shut most of the time.

8. Mulan

One of my favourites, Mulan is definitely not ugly, she's quite pretty in my opinion. Unfortunately, she's più plain than the others and doesn't have that extra spark. I Amore her oriental eyes and sleek hair though.

7. Tiana

Very pretty but again, lacks the je ne sais quoi that the...
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Frozen's Elsa and the Disney Princesses have had enough of being damsels in distress!
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posted by MegaraRider
I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I've become quite tired of everyone bashing the earlier princesses and saying they're bad role modelle for girls. Personally, I think parents shouldn't be relying on fictional, animated characters to be the role models... but that's a whole different issue altogether. In this articolo I want to address the common complaints towards the princesses: waiting around for/needing a man, not being independent, etc...

Snow White:

I want to start with a reminder that Snow White is only 14-years-old. Face it, her story is no different than any other 14-year-old...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
Congratulations for being January's fan of the mese hajirah4! I noticed te like to voice your opinions so I'm going to ask why in every domanda haha.

1) How does it feel to be fan of the month?
It feels great. Even though i'm thankful, i'm quite surprised. A lot of the times i'd vote for the ones who I thought deserved it, and i'm surprised (but thankful) for people to choose somebody like me :)

2) Who is your favourite princess and why?
Ariel. When I was little I loved mermaids, and I always thought for the character (when I would read the book) to be very calm and peaceful, but when I saw...
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posted by PrincessVT
ciao guys I'm PrincessVT and my real name is Vanessa Wesline Toussaint. That's a hatian last name so gasp! I'm hatian. Just kidding, I know hatian and fluent french both because that's my language.

I'm 13 years old and new and no good with writing. I like Scrivere as a sport but I'm not too creative with it.

I didn't see Frozen but in a few years, (Disney usually do this with Disney Princesses) I'll watch it.

I like Disney but I don't think my Friends could relate... People think I'm annoying and childish. Eat Cat h8ters! (No I don't eat cat)

I like orcra, vegetables (cooked), meat... (Like birds...
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posted by pulgaenana
ciao people on fanpop :D
Remember me? eeeh? Well I remember a loooong fa da march I commentato about having a Disney theme quinces (if te don't know what "quinces" are it's exactly like Sweet 16... but with 15... and in latin america :b)
But if te have the traditional idea of the quinces naaah... I had the less conventional party ever e.e

I detto I was posting pictures but I forgot, ugh... sorry. Well, after months here it is, hope te enjoy (:
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So I've been doing this countdown for the past two o so weeks and here are the results! complessivamente, generale I'm very happy with them and think that they're pretty predictable for the most part. Thanks to everyone who participated and commentato in the polls, your commenti were very helpful! :D

11. Merida

It was oblivious going to be Merida o Ariel this round. Ariel got più votes, but Merida got più comments. People detto that it was unforgivable that she tried to alter her mom in any way whatsoever, and others just detto that she's simply the worst role model of the bunch.

"The reason Merida wanted to...
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Snow White: 16th Century Germany
Though the movie never explains where they take place, it is detto to be set there since it was based off the Brother’s Grimm.

Cinderella: 19th Century France
Disney’s first film ever set in France though not explicitly. Evidence is that the words like ‘mademoiselle’ ‘Château’ and Tremaine is a French surname.

Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty): Most likely Late 14th Century France
While some people argue that it’s set in either England o Germany, the movie NEVER explains where they took place though I have many evidence why it was believed to be...
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posted by Renegade1765
Before we say goodbye to not just this anno but also this decade, it's time I write an articolo that I wanted to write for a long time.
As a lot of te know, and for those who don't, Frozen is a movie/franchise that means a lot to me. Without it, I wouldn't even be on this site. It all started back in October of 2014,when I started to form a crush on the fictional character of Elsa. Originally, it was because I thought she was incredibly gorgeous, and I still think so, to this day. But, as the days went da and did più of my research, I realized how similar Elsa was to me and I began to relate...
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