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Hi! I´m on fuoco today! Hehe I´ve just finished writting my preferito outfits articolo and now I decided to write my preferito hair article. Well maybe I call it being on fuoco and some other fan call it a Wendsay afternoon but whatever. So as I am a little tired and I´m going out to celebrate (oh yeah, today it´s Mexico´s independence day, ¡Viva México!) I will make this articolo a little shorter. Here it is, enjoy!

First of all I must say I´m not one of those Tiana´s hair haters but since I am judging hair I have to admit Tiana´s hair is very simple compared to the other princesses....
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 "Love her dress. Hate her" -A Cenerentola Story
"Love her dress. Hate her" -A Cinderella Story
I´ve already written an articolo for my favoirte DP Wardrobes, te can read it here if te want to: link :D, so now I decided to write an articolo for my preferito outfits. I have to say this one was più difficult because I couldn´t decide between so many outfits (no sequels included).

I also couldn´t decide whether o not to include Ariel as a mermaid. te see, since I am judging outfits and technically her tail is part of her I couldn´t really count that as an outfit, and a pair of purple seashells is not much of an outfit either so as much as I Amore how she looks I decided not to include...
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This movie is my preferito Disney movie. It will always have a special place in my heart. I don't think Disney can come up a better movie. Everytime I watch it, it does something to me that no other Disney movie does. I don't know how to explain it. It makes me feel all happy inside when it's over. The part when Snow White dies and all the dwarfs and forrest animali gather at Snow Whites coffin and cry makes me cry everytime. Another reason, it's so special to me is because it's disneys original movie. I absolutely adore all the charecters in the movie. It has my preferito princess (Snow White),...
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Here are the lyrics to a song I learned from my Musica teacher growing up. We'd act it out using her spinning wheel, and none of the girls could ever wait to be Aurora. Even though I didn't like her back then, I still wanted the chance to touch the spinning wheel. I thought it was fitting I post this, it being Aurora mese and all. So, in honor of our own Brier Rose, here's the Irish folk song "Fair Rosa":

Fair Rosa was a lovely child,
A lovely child, a lovely child,
Fair Rosa was a lovely child
A long time ago.

A wicked fairy cast a spell,
Cast a spell, cast a spell,
A wicked fairy...
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Since Beauty and the Beast is my preferito Disney film, I wanted to write about a few of my preferito scenes.

#8:Shes Being Difficult!

I Amore this scene because suddenly this monsterous Beast is being childish. Also this is the first banter te see between the Beast and Belle, te also get to see how desperatly the castello staff is trying to get him to be polite and get the girl to fall in Amore with him.

#7: The Library:

When the Beast presents Belle the biblioteca and shares his desperate attempts to win her cuore to cogsworth and lumiere te just want to go "Awwww" the look on his face...
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 But Daddy - just one più cream-coated yoghurt uvetta, uva passa sponge cake... PLEASE?
But Daddy - just one more cream-coated yoghurt raisin sponge cake... PLEASE?
This idea sort of hit me in the face whilst I was doodling in the back of my French book on Tuesday when I should have been doing a listening exercise about someone wanting to be a doctor. What if Ariel didn't want our world for our giunca, spazzatura and our legs but our marvellous food? That underwater stuff must be dead gross.
I actually started Scrivere this around a doodle of fat Ariel, but yeah. My French book's at school so improvisation time!

Basically, fat Ariel has gained a lot of weight recently and her father has forbidden her from eating any più of this awful barbaric human junk. He's put her...
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 Sketches of Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, & Ariel
Sketches of Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, & Ariel
Alright, everyone else seemed to be doing one of these, and for a while I was trying to figure out the order of my preferito princesses. It wasn't easy. It'd be easier to ask me what my first and secondo preferito Disney Film are (Lion King and Lilo & Stitch) but even after that it would be hard cause cause then it's which Disney movie I like più than another, which ones I didn't see and which ones I don't remember.... Oh right, we were talking about the princesses. How about we just sposta onto the articolo then? For the record, I don't curse and I blab - yes even when I'm typing. Hope you...
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9. Mulan
Although Mulan is at the bottom of my list, that doesn't mean she's ugly at all. She has beautiful mandorla shaped eyes and luscious full lips, but I feel the way they are proportioned on her face isn't quite right. She is definitely a unique beauty, I just find her to be the least attractive out of all the other princesses.

8. Snow White
I feel like Snow White doesn’t get the credit she deserves when it comes to her beauty. Many people find her ugly, but she really isn’t that bad to me. I think the reason why she’s ranked so low to so many people is because unlike all the other...
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Here are the results about positions 31-40 of the Disney Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted da public.

40. Aurora: Yellow toga, abito (Disney Princess: Come d’incanto Tales – Follow Your Dreams)

I hoped it should have been higher. The design isn't so bad, except the puffy sleeves. Maybe the yellow doesn't suit her hair? I don't know, I can't be unbiased about Aurora. She looks awesome to me, whatever she wears.
 Position #40 Aurora's Yellow toga, abito
Position #40 Aurora's Yellow Gown

It doesn't go with her hair at all and even if it were a different color it would still be ugly! - DsnyPrincess

[...] I kind of like Aurora's yellow dress....
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 The Free Spirit
The Free Spirit
I haven't done a princess rant in a long time, so let's get the ball rolling again with Pocahontas.

First of all as much as I Amore the film Pocahontas it is easy to see why history buffs would find this movie frustrating. Disney took a story that was perfectly fine the way it was and made borderline unnecessary changes to it. In real life Pocahontas and John Smith were never involved romantically, their bond was più of a sibling relationship and Poca was also very much underage. This is just to name afew quite frankly pointless changes to the story. But then again, I can't really blame...
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