Principesse Disney Disney Store 17'' Limited Edition Doll ANNA Round 4: Pick your LEAST preferito doll

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2013 Disney Store
2020 Disney Store
2014 Disney Store
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2019 Disney Store
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2019 Saks Fifth Avenue
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 WhiteLagoon13 posted un mese fa
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WhiteLagoon13 picked 2013 Disney Store:
ROUND 1 ELIMINATION: 2015 Disney Store (Frozen Fever)
ROUND 2 ELIMINATION: 2017 Disney Store (Olaf's Frozen Adventure)
ROUND 3 ELIMINATION: 2015 Disney Store

We're down to the top 5! This time I'm voting for this one. Though it's better than the 2013 Elsa doll, it's not as good as the other 4 Anna dolls; the skirt's end looks weird and the hairstyle isn't accurate.
posted un mese fa.
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EmaSomolanyiova picked 2013 Disney Store:
Agree with WhiteLagoon.
posted un mese fa.
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LMH5113 picked 2013 Disney Store:
Same as before.
posted un mese fa.
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wavesurf picked 2013 Disney Store:
posted ·29 giorni fa.