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 5x04 Time of angeli
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time of angeli
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After conducting several polls, in several different sites I have decided to do the articolo on the most beloved companion. In most of the sondaggi I have conducted, whether it is in this site o any other site, the results have always been pretty consistent. Rose Tyler has always topped the polls.

Billie Piper, during 2005 and 2006, won the National Televisione Award each time she was still in Doctor Who, a vote casted da the public. There has not been any other companion who has won that many National Televisione Award during their screen time. Freema Agyeman, who portrayed Martha, and Catherine...
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The Doctor crops up in the most oddest of places.

Looks like the TARDIS gets some mail.

A 1982 Prince song almost hits The Doctor.

River Song and The Doctor’s relationship is tied up in a bow.

Someone does an impersonation of The Terminator.

Rory is not gay whilst Hitler is definitely in the closet.

Is that a banana in your pocket?

The Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. of Venice is mentioned at a crucial moment da The Doctor.

Other people know about The Doctor’s death~day.

Hitler isn’t the only person someone wants to kill.

A film referenced in The Impossible Astronaut is referenced again. Twice.

The words “the Silence” are visibly apparent.
 Amy, the Doctor & Rory get a surprise as the TARDIS crashes into Hitlers office...
Amy, the Doctor & Rory get a surprise as the TARDIS crashes into Hitlers office...
posted by TVAuthor
Rose Tyler is the best companion so far. She loved the Doctor and the Doctor loved her. I couldn't believe that they could never see eachother again! When Martha and Donna came I hated them just because they took Rose's place. When they met up again with all of the companions, I was so happy. Rose and Doctor fianally got their reunion! All though, I really thought that the original Doctor should have told her he loved her. And he should have kissed her. But at least Rose and Doctor will stay together and live happily ever after.
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