Dr. James E. Wilson Why do te Amore Wilson?

Bery posted on Jun 01, 2009 at 05:10PM
This is the thread to prove your love for Wilson, share with everyone what you think makes him so wonderful :D

Here are my main reasons to love Wilson

1. I love Wilson's compassionate nature, his compulsive niceness and his innate selflessness. Although I do think he more often than not reaches the point of too much niceness, you know, where it turns bad for him because he forgets to take care of himself.

2. I love Wilson's intellect. It's interesting that even with his ever present niceness he can be quite shrewd and manipulative, although naturally said niceness guarantees that most of his manipulations have other people's best interests at heart. He can be quite persuasive too and make excellent arguments when debating (pretty essential quality to keep up with House lol). Also, he has an amazing read on people, he can understand them so well, he would really make a great psychoanalyst. By the way, don't you find it funny that he can understand and analyze other people so well but he pretty much fails at analyzing himself most of the time? If he could see himself and his paterns clearly he wouldn't have made the same mistake three times (his three marriages of course lol). I like to think that he learned better with Amber though.

3. Finally, I love Wilson's funny, sarcastic and playful side. I have always thought that this is the side of Wilson that has most kept him conected with House all these years. I don't think he shows this side of himself that often to other people, at least not to its full potential, probably because he considers it to be immature and insensitive. It's like he doesn't allow himself to be completely himself around other people because he "tiptoes around everyone like they are made of china" (it's from the episode "The Social Contract"). For example, I don't think he could ever do to anyone else what he did to House on the episodes "Lucky Thirteen" (season 5) and "Alone" (season 4).

Well and there are many many many other reasons why I love Wilson, he's hot, he's cute, he has girly handwriting, he wears toenail polish, he wears a pocket protector, his cooking is great, the list goes on forever, srsly XD
But those first 3 are definitely the best of him, who's with me?!

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più di un anno fa HouseJr said…
yup I agree I just love Wilson! I sooo wish I could marry him (this one would stick, I'd make it even if I had to tie him up XD) Anyway I'm not good about long drawn explanations so here it is short and sweet; He's cute (and HOT!), he has a great personality, I also love his little playful laughing, smiling side and wish he would show it more often, he's a great (anyone who can tolerate House on a daily basis must be) and I admire that in a person, and umm did I metion he's HOT!!!!? lol I'm such I freak, but I'm Wilson's freak XD
più di un anno fa Chandlerfan said…
Yeahh! =D Of course I completely and utterly agree with your 3 reasons! =D

And LOL Junkat...he is very hot! ;D
più di un anno fa misanthrope86 said…
big smile
I agree with your reasons too! He is so funny and so wise and he really cares about people, especially House.

Plus, Robert Sean Leonard is super-awesome!
più di un anno fa Biathine said…
I agree with daddy, um ... grandgranpa? and in whatever relation I am with missy (don't say none, we're all somehow related :P)

The character sigh I most like about him is his "caring" side. And - he's so cute. RSL does amazing job.
più di un anno fa Bery said…
^ I know, I love how caring he is too, he has a huge heart, it's so big that it gets it's own episode <3

And yeah he is sooo hot!! I think that after Chase he may be the most handsome guy of the show
più di un anno fa CinderBrough said…
They are all true Wilson is so lovable
più di un anno fa jenny_arg said…
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I couldn't agree more!!! He's caring and I love that so much! Besides, he's a lefty like me haha
Plus, RSL is soooo cute and such a great actor!
più di un anno fa Alexander_Rybak said…
I agree ! And I also think he learned about the death of amber ...
più di un anno fa Aivi said…
"House Divided" - That's why I love him!

But everything you said applies too xP
più di un anno fa punk4rock said…
He's a cutie pie :D
He's pure sexiness - I'd make a fortune if I could bottle and sell him:P
He's sweet and caring :)
He's got an awesome sense of humour
:)Need I say more?
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più di un anno fa made_of_awesome said…
big smile
EVERYTHING!!!!!omfg He's like a CARE BEAR!

also i love his hair!! its soo cute i wanna poke it
più di un anno fa GlassyBlooEyes said…
His eyebrows XDD