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 Through the Gates [A SSA Dr Spencer Reid Fanfiction/Story]
Through the Gates [A SSA Dr Spencer Reid Fanfiction/Story]
Title: Through the Gates
Show: Criminal Minds (obviously)
Genre: Err... SKIP!
Rated: T because I'm paranoid
Characters: S. Reid/OC
Summary: There is none! I'm just gonna frickin wing it! <3 For the Amore of Reid!

Different colored lights flew steadily through the sky. The bright moon reflected itself onto the rippling bank just below, the trees gently dancing with a soft breeze. Silence had filled the open air, only a scurry of bushes and twigs cracking sounded every so often; followed da the small tweets of baby birds.

It was like...
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Criminal Minds
dr spencer reid
Matthew Gray Gubler
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>> I can tell te know, this is my 6:30 AM too much Criminal Minds idea.... It starts out as a kinda everyone story but it goes into a più of a Reid superhero, good guy, savior, person thing... I don't know. Well thanks for at least Leggere this and I hope te like the actual story. (* hoping te didn't kinda leave after Leggere this alone*)

JJ looked over the current unsolved crimes going on around the world, when one especially caught her eye. "Everyone into the briefing room," she spoke into her walkie-talkie. She walked straight into the briefing room, going to the front, JJ noticed...
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Chapter one - Unexplained

I woke up and remembered why I had to get up so early. My new job at the BAU I slowly got up and ate my breakfast. 'Well ..Girl this is your new life' i detto to myself. I went to have a doccia before I did anything else. I picked out a pair o skinny jeans and a baby-doll superiore, in alto and put them out in my room. After I was done everything I went to go to my fridge and get something to eat for after.

As I drove to work I saw people waiting for something. It looked weird but I keept moving on. So as I parked I noticed a guy about my age walking in also. So I looked at him and...
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Your POV at the hospital check in desk
Me and prentiss tripped over ourselves as we finally came out of the door "8 flights of stairs" prentiss looked at me out of breath "you mean 8 flights of horror" i straightened myself "it was stairs not an abyss"she took the cobwebs out of her hair "well it's almost like an abyss" morgan held his hands up "guys we need to get out without making it look like we found out something,we need backup"reid opened his phone then it went dead,he looked at morgan "that's weird it was fully charged" he looked over where the woman was,she was gone "crap!she knows...
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Your POV arriving at the hospital
as soon as i parked into the hospital's parking lot i got out of the car and morgan just got out "you look mad"said morgan,i just stared at him,he put his hands up "what did i do?" but i didnt yell at him "why did te slam on the breaks like that te could of hurt us"then reid made an excuse for him "we didnt relize the light turned red"i had to believe reid,morgan just stood there smiling "we good here"i patted his arm "yeah just keep your eyes pealed when we get inside" prentiss noticed the locks on the doors "do they lock the hospital down at night" reid...
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Your POV in the SUV
all i saw was the open window leading to a beautiful beach,i was in a deep sleep,i looked around finding fine living but i saw no one to enjoy it with,then i heard a soothing,sweet voice call my name "samantha i told te we would be alone" i turn around to see reid surprisingly dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt,i looked down and i was wearing the most gorgeous light blue dress,i never wanted to wake up now "where are we" i asked turning away from the window,reid smiled "the Caribbeans,your preferito vacation spot" i just stood there "wait we have a case" reid looked...
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Reid's POV back at the bau
i never answered sam's question,but no matter what i tell her she wont stop until she catches those people even if she risks her life to do it,i carefully sat at my scrivania, reception waiting for the call to head over to the hospital for the night,then hotch came up behind me but since i had my Musica in i couldnt hear "reid"he called but i couldnt hear him,he pulled my headphones out and i turned around "sam?" hotch looked at me "no" i got up"sorry im just worried about her,she actually wants to go to the hospital" hotch nodded at my commento "i know she's relentless but she wants...
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Your POV in the hospital
i kept thinking if this was my fault,but i never spoke about it to anyone i just stood there lifeless looking over the bloody corpse as reid tried to bring me back to reality,but i was only half there trying to figure out what went wrong and if the profilo was too,hotch went over to reid "check the nearby medicine cabnets the unsubs might of took something,and bring morgan"reid looked at me and then left,i was still in shock so hotch shook me lightly "sam i know what your thinking this isnt your fault we just didnt know they would take a different route" i tried not...
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