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posted by Vamp_Fan_25
Full name: Eleanor Jane Calder
Born: 16 July 1992 (age 20)
Resides: London, England, UK and
Manchester, England, UK
Nickname: El
Occupation: Student

Eleanor is an only child.She recently completed her secondo anno at the università of Manchester where she's studying politics and sociology. She has worked as a floor model for the clothing store Hollister, but it's unknown if she's still working for them.
Her personality has been described da people close to both as a "female version of Louis".

Eleanor and Louis were introduced to each other da a friend of Harry's around September 2011They dated for a period of time before becoming exclusive.
posted by hello____123
I'm just wondering why are te all fan of El? DO I have anything against her? Of course not because she never did anything. Why would she be your role model o something what does she do? She drinks Starbucks, dresses nice, dates Louis (could be a beard), and is pretty. Plus, it's disgusting how some of te Calderics starve yourself to look like her. Before all this she was always drinking, party, and a college girl. She does nothing for you! So why is she your role model o inspiration, I'm sorry if I sound rude but I really don't get it.