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Chapter 1

Bethor looked upon the great Cybertronian city of Iacon. Bethor was a large Cybertronian with demonic, bat like wings, clawed feet, green eyes, and a very demonic smile.

"Soon...very soon...I shall rule this world and all others..." Bethor thought to himself as he grabbed a small vase and smashed it in his hands.

"Excuse me, Lord Bethor" A voiced asked in the distance.

"You may enter, Ophiel" Bethor responded in a quiet tone.

"Lord Bethor, the Council of Primes has announced a startling finding" Ophiel told Bethor. Ophiel was a large tank and alligator-like Transformer.

"And what...
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Part 2

*Death Valley, CA*

Slingshot: *Driving in the middle of Drift and Bumblebee*

Drift: So where are heading, Bee?

Bumblebee: To wherever Prime used the spazio bridge, and I think this is Death Valley.

Drift: What's Death Valley?

Lucy: *Inside of Bumblebee* It's a big desert in California, it's lower than the sea level.

Drift: Interesting...

Bumblebee: *Looks around and sees 3 Rally Fighters*

Rally Fighters: *Are all black*

Slingshot: That looks suspicious...should we go check it out?

Rally Fighters: *Transform into 3 Dreadlocks*

Bumblebee: Dreadlocks! *Parks and opens door* Lucy get out!

Lucy: *Runs...
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