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I'm sorry for all the mistakes. Scrivere in Eglish is not my best thing te know. XD

Emmett's POV.
School, how could I discribe school. Boring? Idiot? Stupid? We all didn't like school. Just one thing was funny. The students. They talk about is giorno and night. "The weirdo's," o "The scary things," are our nicknames. But we all have our own nicknames too. Edward is a weirdo. Alice is a little freaky bird. Jasper is just scary. I am big. And Rosalie, what should I say? The Beauty Queen.
We walked to our tavolo in the cafetaria. Edward wasn't with us. No, he was with Bella. Rose still didn't...
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I just want to say I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING.

Rosalie P.O.V.

"I don't care." The words came out cold, but that's how I intended them to sound. I was cold to him, he was cold to me. Why should it be any different now?

"Why must te be so difficult? This is the ideal place for us. Remote, comfortable, endless resources. I don't see the problem." Of course he wouldn't. He could be comfortable in a one-room shack in Antarctica, so long as it had a piano. This was Appalachia, a million miles from my comfortable upbringing in suburban New York.

"The problem is that we're in hill-billy country, Edward! These...
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An Emmett and Roslaie Fanfic

Chapter 14

She's an Angel
Emmett’s POV

Rosalie! She left…

I started to get up to follow her but I felt so…so…powerful….like I would destroy everything…


Carlisle came over and pushed me back down on the bed, “Emmett, te don’t know your strength yet. Be careful!” he ushered.

“Sorry,” I detto absent-mindly. “But Rosalie…” I sighed trying to get up, again.

“Emmett, so much has happened to Rosalie lately and she need to cope. It is not easy for her so please calm down and give her some space.” He detto sadly and seriously.

I stopped and...
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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 5

Rosalie's POV

“Rosalie?” Edward asked me opening up my door. He almost sounded sincere and remorseful.

“What Edward?” I tried to sound as un-annoyed as possible but the look on his face when he saw me made me realize I failed.

“Can I speak with te for a minute?” This time I realized he was serious and really wanted to talk civilly, so I let my guard down and agreed.

“Yeah…sure” I detto actually un-sure. I sat up on my letto and offered him a spot successivo to me which he hesitantly obliged to.

"I’m sorry, Rosalie” He detto after a...
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Jacob's Pov

"JAKE!" Rosalie detto nervously as she pulled me pass some freaky blood-sucker.
"Who's the freaks"I detto freely.
Rosalie and Alice looked as though they were going to faint, but Alice still managed to say"The Volturï, remember we told te about them last year"
"Oh yeah, I remember now! Why are they here?"I asked.
"Don't know exactely."Rosalie now steped in.
"We are hear to talk to the cullens not some mutt"Jane clarifyed, obviously very mad.
"He's not just some mutt for your information"said Rosalie.
Oh my goodness did Rosalie just stick up for me! We talked for a whilewith them then suddenly two of them launch themselves at me. I thought I was stuffed because it was just me and two vampires. Suddenly two figures hit the object hard causing them all to fall. Just then I relised it was Rosalie and Alice. The vampire on the ground were Felix and Demitri.They looked mad as hell now...
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Hello everyone! I decided to write a new story, ofcourse I'm going to continue my other, but I've got a idea for this one.

The volturi wants Rosalie to unisciti them. And they are able to do anything to get her. Of course Emmett would never let them, so he decided to go to the volturi with his brothers to talk to them. He know that Rosalie would never let him go. So the only option is to break her heart, the only option for her to be save.

Emmett's POV


I looked for the last time at her beautiful face. Seeing her expression broke my cuore in million pieces. The...
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Kellan Lutz
Nikki Reed
New moon
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Rose POV.

I knew it...that sick creature had some1 behind him. Royce was not the one who was after my life,it was all planned,those flowers,messages,kisses, OH that fake stupid Amore .He was not man enough to do that to me. He had done it for something and for someone . I was waiting for edward to come up because i knew he must have read my mind .After my transformation he was the one whom i had leaned on but in a bro -sis way,unlike what Carlisle thought .He had completely understood my pain and comforted me in those nightmare - filled days .Carlisle and Esme were out for hunting along with Ali and Jazz . Just as I saved the file i had found surfing the net, the door of mine and emmett's bedroom burst open and Edward was near me in no time. Now i knew my real murderer.....and he was not far away.........

want to know what happened next. please review:)
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