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So since 2 AM (3 am CET) last night, the running order has been announced for tomorrow's final. Over the week, countries were drawn into the first o secondo half of the final, so here is how it went:

1: France
2: Lithuania
3: Moldova
4: Finland
5: Spain
6: Belgium
7: Estonia
8: Belarus
9: Malta
10: Russia
11: Germany
12: Armenia
13: Netherlands
14: Romania
15: United Kingdom
16: Sweden
17: Hungary
18: Denmark
19: Iceland
20: Azerbaijan
21: Greece
22: Ukraine
23: Italy
24: Norway
25: Georgia
26: Ireland
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Ireland's fifth win.
niamh kavanagh
in your eyes.
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This album is the compilation of all 43 songs which made it to the final and semi-finals of Eurovision. With a rich cultural mix of languages (though English certainly dominates) and styles (ranging from a Capella to operatic pop) there’s something for everyone in this album. Despite the lack of the all-important visuals which are included in the live performances, most of the songs still manage to deliver well (with the marked exception of pseudo-mainstream attempts such as ‘Celebrate’), with their impressive vocals and melodies intact.
Generally considered to be a gimmick da those not...
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