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mela, apple White may be the fairest of them all, but there are più than tiaras and tè parties in the typical giorno of this busy Royal.
Ever After High
mela, apple white
Ever After High
mela, apple white
prom Queen
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30- Courtly Jester
I can't explain to te how much I hate this ugly girl. She's a very deceitful girl, also she's coveted the trono of the poor Queen of Hearts. She thinks she's very smart and wonderful.

29- Evil Queen
The evil Queen is truly incredibly evil. The evil Queen helps Courtly. But at least I Amore her più than Courtly Jester because there's a little bit of Amore for Raven in her somewhere.

28- Faybelle
This little treacherous fairy betrays her school and becomes the servant of the evil queen. She is such a goofy person. Reminds me of Gwen from Polly Pocket.

27- Duchess
As much as I love...
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