fairy tail ( Lucy Heartfilia ) Is lucy Heartfilia Strong?

GurlAnimexD posted on Jul 19, 2014 at 09:52PM
So I been reading some comments on sites that lucy is strong or that she weak, well to tell u the truth she is strong I know it doesn't seem like that but she is. In most episode Lucy is always saved but and a very special manga that the creator did was Lucy spot light to show how strong she did it was awsome. Some ppl say that anyone can use her keys.... NOT TRUE! ONLY a celestial spirits can use the keys and that is a fact and the hole thing right know that I am telling u is a fact she is strong it might not seem it but she is know to be honest on the fairy tail wiki page (Lucy Heartfilia) that hiro made but Lucy attack power 2 out of 5 so not good but doesn't mean she cant train and pratice and doesn't mean she isn't strong. So if u dont believe that lucy isn't strong then fine believe that but lucy is strong, just think about it for awhile, think why Hiro put her as a celestial spirit, just think for a bit and u might understand. Here a video of a boy telling us about and showing us lucy big break. btw the chapter is 383 and 384 and I think 385 but LOOK and see lucy true Strength.

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